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  • Counter To Conventional Wisdom, Study Says It'll Be Romney, In A Landslide

    August 23 2012 10:43 AM EDT

    Using a model that incorporates state-level economic data, political scientists predict that Mitt Romney will notch a resounding 300 electoral votes -- far more than the 270 needed -- while capturing 52.9 percent of the popular vote.

  • The Nemenoff Report Bonds Higher, S&P's Lower, Silver Higher

    August 23 2012 10:12 AM EDT

    Sept. Bonds are currently 11 higher at 147'30 and the 10 Yr. Notes 7 highr at 133'17. This morning's Weekly Jobless Claims report showed an increase in claims of 4,000 vs. expectations of a drop of 3,000. Yesterday's release of the FOMC minutes showed continued concern over the unemployment rate, expectations of continued low inflation and economic growth and continued extention of low interest rates beyond 2014. "Many" of the participants voiced a willingness for another round...

  • Unemployment
    US Initial Jobless Claims Rises To 372,000, Highest Level In 5 Weeks

    August 23 2012 8:41 AM EDT

    The number of Americans lining up for new jobless benefits rose more than expected last week, the Labor Department said Thursday, suggesting little improvement in the labor market.

  • Gov. Luis Fortuno
    Puerto Rico Statehood: Bad Business For The U.S. Or The Next Swing State?

    August 23 2012 6:59 AM EDT

    Puerto Ricans decide its future in November, weighing options that include remaining a U.S. territory or becoming a state. While some say Puerto Rican statehood is bad business for the U.S. others say the nation might be looking at the next swing state.

  • Sad Clown
    What Is The ‘Misery Index’ Saying About Obama's Re-Election Chances?

    August 23 2012 6:57 AM EDT

    An unofficial gauge of human misery in the U.S. is now sitting at its lowest level in three years. Not four. In other words, while conditions have improved somewhat, Americans are still feeling miserable under President Barack Obama's watch and that obviously doesn't bode well for Obama's re-election chances.

  • Overweight teenager in New York City
    Obese Americans: The Most Neglected And Despised ‘Minority Group’

    August 23 2012 6:53 AM EDT

    All told, the number of ‘fat’ Americans far surpasses those of any racial, ethnic or religious minority.

  • An Iranian woman buys a gift during Valentine's day shopping at a shop in Tehran
    Tehran Bars Women From Education, Making Iranian Youths Even Angrier

    August 23 2012 6:51 AM EDT

    The Iranian regime has good reason to restrict young people's access to education, regardless of gender.

  • FOMC Minutes Heightened Speculations on Monetary Easing

    August 23 2012 4:58 AM EDT

    Market sentiment was mixed yesterday as torn between negative European news flow and Fed's dovish minutes which suggested further easing is likely. Wall Street waxed and waned with the DJIA losing -0.23% while the S&P 500 gaining +0.02%. In the commodity sector, crude oil prices gained as the US dollar lost ground amid expectations of monetary easing. After gaining modestly on Wednesday, WTI crude oil climbed further higher today with the front-month contract soaring to as high as 98.17 and t...

  • Traders work on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange
    China, Fed Easing Hopes Buoy US Stock Futures

    August 23 2012 4:42 AM EDT

    The U.S. stock index futures point to a higher open Thursday as investor sentiment was lifted by expectations that policy makers around the world would announce monetary easing measures to regain the economic growth momentum.

  • New research shows that runaway growth in the financial sector is detrimental to the real economy, as highly skilled workers gravitate toward finance and industries dependent on outside investment suffer. (Reuters)
    Entitlement Vs. Empowerment

    August 22 2012 2:32 PM EDT

    Are you entitled or empowered? Do you feel you are owed, or do you feel you own something? This simple choice reflects your view of the world. It stands for your self-image.

  • Latin America Wealth Gap Climbing, Despite Progress Against Poverty: UN

    August 22 2012 1:46 PM EDT

    At present, the widest wealth gap is found in Guatemala, while Venezuela boasts the most equitable income distribution in the region.

  • 'Fiscal Cliff' To Send US Economy Into Recession Next Year - CBO

    August 22 2012 11:02 AM EDT

    The Congressional Budget Office said Wednesday that the so-called fiscal cliff, the simultaneous tax hikes and government spending cuts that take effect Jan. 1, 2013, will send the U.S. economy into recession next year.

  • Job Cuts in Germany

    August 22 2012 9:36 AM EDT

    German newspaper Boersen-Zeitung reports that industrial giant Siemens AG (NYSE:SI) may cut thousands of jobs in the fall. The action is described as "explosive," at least as far as a rough translation says.

  • GOP Pounces On Obama's Problems To Find Themes For Republican National Convention

    August 21 2012 3:20 PM EDT

    The themes of the Republican National Convention next week will be focusing on some of the economic and social problems Americans are facing under a Democratic White House.

  • Crunch Time for Central Banks

    August 21 2012 10:13 AM EDT

    Global central banks have promised to pump an unprecedented amount of money into the system. They are trying to mollify the effects from a global contraction in GDP and the growing likelihood of a war between Israel and Iran.

  • siemens
    Siemens May Cut Thousands Of Jobs, Bad Sign For Germany

    August 21 2012 9:33 AM EDT

    Siemens AG (NYSE: SI), Europe?s largest engineering company, is in early internal talks to slash thousands of jobs after posting quarterly results that came in sharply below analysts? estimates, a German newspaper reported Tuesday.

  • Home Prices Fall Around The World, But Unevenly: Economist

    August 21 2012 5:56 AM EDT

    The real estate erosion has gone global. Home prices are down in 12 of 21 countries tracked by the Economist on an annual basis in July, and five additional countries experienced slower growth.

  • A protester striking at a platinum mine in South Africa Thursday. Many in the crowd were armed.
    Making Sense Of Marikana: The Deep Divisions Behind South Africa?s Miner Massacre

    August 21 2012 5:56 AM EDT

    South Africa's miner protests underscore a new dynamic -- the organizations that once wrested power from an oppressive minority are now being targeted as oppressors themselves.

  • ECB Denies Unlimited Bond Purchases

    August 21 2012 4:33 AM EDT

    Another quiet session due to the lack of important economic data on Monday. Bourses in European and Asia climbed higher earlier in the day as investors were thrilled by rumors that the ECB would adopt plans to limit yields of sovereign debts. Yet, gains were erased after the ECB issued a statement denying any such plans. Meanwhile, the Bundesbank reiterated in its monthly bulletin its opposition on ECB bond buying. Wall Street opened lower as affected by these statements but both the DJIA and th...

  • Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt speaks at The Sloan School of Management at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge
    Technology?s Cash Piles: Top U.S. Leaders Stash Nears $400B

    August 20 2012 4:03 PM EDT

    Don?t say technology companies aren?t enormously profitable. An IBTimes review of the cash and investment holdings of 11 of the top technology leaders shows they are sitting atop nearly $375 billion in cash and investments ? or about 24 percent more since the last survey nine months ago.