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  • Morning Crude Oil Market Report 9/07

    September 07 2012 10:46 AM EDT

    October crude oil prices registered a lower low during the Thursday evening session but managed to rebound during the early morning hours. Some traders indicated that the crude oil market was drafting support from a rally in global equity markets, optimism following yesterday's ECB bond buying program and a round of better than expected European economic data points overnight. Additionally, reports that Chinese officials signed off on new infrastructure spending of around 1 trillion Yuan is s...

  • Obama to Buy Votes With Cheaper Gas

    September 07 2012 10:37 AM EDT

    In Yet Another Abuse of Power the Obama White House consults experts as it considers tapping Crude Oil reserve (SPR). Obama administration officials met with Crude Oil market experts Thursday as the White House considers the merits of another release of emergency Crude Oil reserves, potentially one much larger than the last. The meeting, originally scheduled for August but delayed by Summer vacations, did not center entirely on the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR), according to non-government s...

  • Facts About Obama’s White House Term

    September 07 2012 10:33 AM EDT

    Republican Truth Squad at Work, the Facts. You may or may not like Bush 43, but this is a History lesson, so it is information for all US voters, regardless of party. The facts; The day the Democrats took over was not January 20, 2009; it was January 3, 2007, the day the Democrats took over the House of Representatives and the Senate, at the very start of the 110th Congress.

  • Ramil Safarov
    NATO Is Not Pleased With Hero's Homecoming For Convicted Axe Murderer

    September 07 2012 9:08 AM EDT

    The chief of the NATO military alliance is on a damage-control tour of Central Asia after Azerbaijan's president pardoned, promoted and financially compensated a man who hacked to death a fellow NATO soldier, who was Armenian, threatening a shaky ceasefire between two long-time foes.

  • Brent steadies above $113 ahead of U.S. jobs data

    September 07 2012 4:22 AM EDT

    Brent futures steadied above $113 a barrel on Friday ahead of a U.S. jobs report that will gauge the economic health of the world's biggest oil consumer as it considers a release of emergency oil reserves, potentially much larger than the last. Investors are focused on U.S. nonfarm payrolls data, expected to show an increase of 125,000 jobs, strengthening the case for a third round of monetary easing by the Federal Reserve, which could kick-start its economy and oil demand.

  • Obama At DNC
    Obama Tells Nation His Path 'Leads To Better Place'

    September 06 2012 11:47 PM EDT

    President Barack Obama made the case for change -- again -- after officially accepting the Democratic nomination for the presidency.

  • Do Democratic Presidents Historically Pull Nation Out Of Fiscal Rut?

    September 06 2012 9:20 PM EDT

    The 2012 campaign has focused on a myriad of social and ideological issues, with some smatterings of tax policy and truckloads of mudslinging. A new book argues voters should look past the obfuscation and consider what is best for their wallet. Its authors claim history has proven one thing: when it comes to economic success, the left has had the upper hand.

  • Barack Obama
    Obama Campaign Previews DNC Acceptance With 'Promises Kept' Video

    September 06 2012 5:18 PM EDT

    The video, released on Thursday, highlights the pledges President Obama has kept since entering the White House. But what promises hasn't he kept?

  • Democratic National Convention Schedule: Celebrties (And Joe Biden) Will Take The Stage

    September 06 2012 2:17 PM EDT

    Charlotte will become Party Central Thursday night as the 2012 Democratic National Convention ends with President Barack Obama accepting his party's nomination following speeches by Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. John Kerry (D-MA).

  • Post-Election, Iran Could Become Obama’s Decision

    September 06 2012 1:59 PM EDT

    For the moment, let’s set aside the friction in U.S.-Israeli relations over Iran’s nuclear program, which serves neither Washington nor Jerusalem.

  • DNC 2012
    Democratic National Convention Schedule: Who's Speaking And When On Thursday

    September 06 2012 8:57 AM EDT

    Much of the evening schedule for the last day of the 2012 Democratic National Convention is being kept under wraps, as best they can. Here's a list of what lies ahead for the final day.

  • iPad Hacking: Was Obama's iPad Compromised In Antisec Hacking? Is Romney Also A Victim Of Hacking Attack?

    September 06 2012 6:16 AM EDT

    Even as FBI denied Antisec Hacker group's claim that it stole personal identification data from millions of Apple device owners, news of Obama's iPad being compromised is making rounds in technology circuits.

  • Barack Obama and Bill Clinton at DNC
    Bill Clinton Praises Obama's Economic Policies, Patience and Perseverance In DNC Address

    September 06 2012 12:11 AM EDT

    "I want you to know I believe it. With all my heart, I believe it," Clinton said, telling the audience that President Obama is the person who will improve the lives of middle class families.

  • Monica Lewinsky
    Monica Lewinsky’s Rabbi Will Deliver Benediction After Bill Clinton Speaks, Will It Be Awkward At The DNC?

    September 05 2012 9:05 PM EDT

    Monica Lewinsky's rabbi will be delivering the benediction at the Democratic National Convention Wednesday night, just after Bill Clinton speaks, ABC News reported.

  • 2012 Election: Mitt Romney Favored Over Barack Obama To Advance The Technology Industry [FULL TEXT]
    Which 2012 Campaign Issues Really Matter To Wall Street Investors?

    September 05 2012 4:26 PM EDT

    While the presidential candidates' plans to tackle unemployment, the national debt, health care reform, immigration, gay marriage and gun control might be the topics that have Main Street voters buzzing ahead of this year's election, a new report by the global equity research team at Standard & Poor's shows Wall Street investors have very different policy debates in mind.

  • Kal Penn
    'Harold And Kumar' Actor Kal Penn Pokes Fun At Clint Eastwood During The Democratic National Convention

    September 05 2012 1:01 PM EDT

    Actor Kal Penn may be most well-known for his role in the comical "Harold and Kumar" film series, but he has also served as an associate director in the White House Office of Public Engagement

  • Michelle Obama Speech Helps DNC Explode Past RNC On Twitter [TRANSCRIPT, VIDEO]

    September 05 2012 12:36 PM EDT

    Michelle Obama struck a cord at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) Tuesday night in Charlotte. The First Lady, or "FLOTUS," stood at the podium and shared a heartwarming story about her family, her husband's past, their shared values, and their dream to build a better country based on those values. The reaction from her convention speech helped DNC explode past the RNC in social spheres like Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

  • Daily Summary on USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, AUD and CAD

    September 05 2012 11:09 AM EDT

    The dollar has edged modestly higher overnight against many of its major counterparts as fears over the pace of global growth persist. Yesterday's disappointing reading of ISM manufacturing - coming in at 49.6 vs. the 50.0 that was expected - certainly provides impetus for further expectations of Fed easing, however the decline was not so drastic that extraordinary measures will likely be forthcoming. However, while the Fed has said that it needs to see "substantial and sustained" evide...

  • Julian Castro at DNC
    10 Things To Know About San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro

    September 05 2012 10:58 AM EDT

    Castro, already being hailed as a rising star in the Democratic Party, gave a much-praised keynote speech at the convention Tuesday when he made his national debut. But he has been a prominent presence in San Antonio's Chicano community since his teen years.

  • Ted Kennedy: Democrat ‘Icon’

    September 05 2012 9:51 AM EDT

    More than fifty years after John F. Kennedy’s assassination and more than four decades after Robert’s murder, the “Kennedy” name is the gold standard for liberal Democrats.

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