Total Nutraceutical Solutions, Inc. announced yesterday that they will formulate and launch CardioSANO™, a mushroom-based dietary supplement to nutritionally support heart health. The potential nutritional support of CardioSANO™, which contains natural ergothioneine, is based on a recently published scientific study by Dr. Keith R. Martin entitled: “The Bioactive Agent Ergothioneine, a Key Component of Dietary Mushrooms Inhibits Monocyte Binding to Endothelial Cells Characteristic of Early Cardiovascular Disease. J. of Medicinal Food, 13 (6) 2010, 1340-1346.” Keith R. Martin, Ph.D, MTox, is Assistant Professor, College of Nursing and Health Innovation, Arizona State University, Mesa, Arizona.

Ergothioneine (ERGO) is a potent natural antioxidant which must be consumed from dietary sources, such as mushrooms. Humans cannot synthesize this key bio-nutrient. In this published study, Dr. Martin demonstrated that ERGO confers anti-atherogenic bioactivity. He also raises the possibility that there is an ERGO transporter in human aortic endothelial cells which assists humans and animals to accumulate needed amounts of ERGO. Total Nutraceutical Solutions, Inc. holds a license to the ERGO Transporter. The ERGO Transporter, specific gene symbol SLC22A4, is a protein that is within the cell membrane of red and white blood cells and whose role is to specifically deliver the potent antioxidant ERGO to these cells.

Recent scientific research suggests that dietary bioactive agents with antioxidant activity can play an important protective role against pro-oxidative, pro-inflammatory diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases (CVD). Prior to Dr. Martin’s findings, Total Nutraceutical Solutions had already positioned the Company to develop breakthrough dietary supplements in the growing heart-healthy arena. The Company has accumulated proprietary data and has licensed key technology and patents, which form the basis for the development and launch of new heart healthy products.

These license agreements include but are not limited to: i) Total Nutraceutical Solutions Acquires Ergothioneine Transporter License from the University of Cologne, Germany; Ergothioneine is a Natural Organic Potent Antioxidant. Date: March 15, 2010, and, ii) Total Nutraceutical Solutions Licenses Pulsed UV Light Patent from the Penn State Research Foundation; Rapid Generation of Vitamin D2 from Mushrooms Using Pulsed UV Light. Date: June 9, 2010.

Marvin S. Hausman MD, CEO, TNS, stated, “The antioxidant research done to date by TNS, the antioxidant patent licenses acquired and the companies potentially strong market position in the heart-healthy arena are strongly validated by Dr. Martin’s scientific findings. Our company intends, as soon as possible, to introduce CardioSANO™ into the ever-expanding preventative heart-healthy market. TNS proprietary ERGO and vitamin D2 technology will form the basis for the nutritional value of this new product.”

Headquartered in Stevenson, Washington, Total Nutraceutical Solutions, Inc. is a global biotechnology leader in whole food mushroom research and development. The Company focuses on discovering, formulating, and marketing products composed primarily of organic natural whole mushroom foods, containing bioactive nutrients, such as L-Ergothioneine and Vitamin D, with potential health benefits. Their scientific strategy is to specialize in the development of production and analytic technologies for food and nutritional supplements mainly composed of mushrooms and their mycelial biomasses. Novel clinical models and biomarkers are used to show nutritional and clinical efficacy of the Company’s products.

The Company is also involved in the development, acquisition, and ownership of breakthrough nutritional tools and products in the fields of animal husbandry and livestock feeds.

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