One company that is truly on the move is Total Nutraceutical Solutions (TNS). Located in Stevenson, Washington, TNS has become a global leader in mushroom research and development with their focus on discovering, formulating and marketing products comprised primarily of organic natural whole mushroom foods which contain bioactive nutrients with an abundance of health benefits. Today, TNS took a major step towards enhancing their future with the announcement that they have acquired an Ergothioneine Transporter License from the University of Cologne, Germany (University).

Ergothioneine (ERGO) is unique in that it is a naturally occurring potent antioxidant that is abundant in most plants and animals and cannot be manufactured in humans; making it only available from dietary sources. ERGO is an important nutrient that plays a dual role in both energy regulation and in protecting cells from oxidative damage.

ERGO is starting to be recognized around the globe and its unique transporter in human physiology and disease. Perhaps more important, ERGO may represent a new and important vitamin. One expert to comment on the potential of ERGO is Dr. Solomon Snyder of the Department of Neuroscience at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Dr. Snyder stated, “Because of its dietary origin and the toxicity associated with its depletion, ET (ERGO) may represent a new vitamin whose physiologic role includes antioxidant cytoprotection.”

When asked what the affect of acquiring the ERGO Transporter License will have on TNS, the company CEO, Dr. Marvin S. Hausman was quoted as saying, “ERGO may finally be recognized as a new important vitamin with a key role in protecting human cells and tissues against the ravages of many diseases. TNS has positioned itself as a global leader in the research and development of natural organic whole food dietary supplements, with increased concentrations of needed antioxidants such as ERGO and Vitamin D. The company has also taken on the mission to educate people with the concept of proper whole food nutrition based on Prevention, Not Intervention.”

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