'Total War: Rome 2' Patch 2 Coming Next Week

By @KKGam3r on

Although Creative assembly, developer of "Total War: Rome 2," has yet to release the first patch for its buggy sequel to "Rome: Total War," it has already announced that a second "Total War: Rome 2" patch will be released next week. The next "Total War: Rome 2" patch will be called Patch 2.

Creative Assembly made the announcement on the official "Total War: Rome 2" forums. It said that a second patch is in the works in a thread addressing the "Total War: Rome 2" Patch 1 beta.

You can read the official post regarding a second "Total War: Rome 2" patch below.


"Total War: Rome 2" is the highly-anticipated sequel to 2004's "Rome: Total War." It was released on September 3 but has suffered from numerous bugs and performance issues. "Total War: Rome 2" Patch 1 aims to rectify many of these issues, but whether it will snuff out all of the flames remains to be seen.

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