While it may take at least one major update for Apple to bring its Siri technology to the Mac platform, there's still an app in the App Store that can make you do this on both, your Mac or PC. TouchPad (not to confuse it with HP's tablet) is the name of the iOS app, coming from Edovia. Not to forget that the Siri features of the app can only be used on iPhone 4S, that too over WiFi only -  no support for 3G.

TouchPad, capable of running on your iPhone as well as iPad (and iPod touch) turns your 4S device into a remote for inputting voice commands to your desktop computer and get things done, the Siri way. More specifically on all iOS devices, TouchPad allows you to type virtually on your Mac, through a virtual keyboard, cursor controlling through a track pad, dragging files/windows and makes your iOS device a remote that can control audio and video files. The standard keyboard everywhere on the TouchPad now has the Siri icon, so you can dictate through the dictation user interface, on the iPhone 4S.


What's new in the latest version is that the modifier keys are now always visible, making it much easier to shortcuts on the virtual keyboard. Also in version 4 comes the support for added media playing apps and various new shortcuts, apart from bringing enhanced zooming gestures, the choice to opt for other international keyboards and better help manuals.


Well, you might be hooked to Nuance's Dragon Dictate for Mac and Dragon NaturallySpeaking for Windows, and this is where you might find this iOS app of little help, when you can already do a whole lot more with the desktop app from Naunce, but if you want mobility and remoteness through your iOS device, TouchPad may take a step ahead from Nuance's desktop apps. But again, as the price tag says, $4.99 may just seem a bit too much if all you want your iPhone 4S to do is type an email for you or do a tweet, all from iPhone 4S - you might well want to just do these things straight from your iDevice and not involve the desktop device. So it all comes down to mobility and remoteness - wherever the form factor comes, TouchPad may come useful in inputting text to your Mac/PC from the iPhone 4S, additionally.

TouchPad is available from App Store for $4.99. You can download it via this direct iTunes link.

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