Luxury Tours: Have

you ever wondered how the curries of India are actually prepared or

what it really takes to make traditional Vietnamese pho? How about an

adventurous journey through the Umbrian forest in search of exotic

truffles or exploring the Napa Valley while sipping a local vintage? A

new epicurean partnership, between Viking Life and the Culinary

Institute of America, has teamed up to create the World of Flavor

Travel Program.

The program combines world-class luxury accommodations with a totally

unique culinary experience. Not only will guests eat where the locals

eat, but to cook where the locals cook. They will get a one-of-a-kind

chance to cook with local chefs, learn about local ingredients and

explore the local food markets.

Viking has had a long-term presence in the luxury food industry. Their

unparalleled quality of appliances and merchandise has earned them the

brand recognition of being the best in the industry.

Viking was founded on the idea of bringing restaurant quality equipment

into a home use and setting. By adding safety features and reducing the

functional problems of restaurant ranges, Viking was born. Combining

top restaurant quality features with luxury designs Viking created a

whole new luxury appliance market. True gourmets can now cook like top

restaurant chefs.

Viking Range has won a plethora of awards, everything from quality and

design to function and management. In 1994, Fred E. Carl Jr. received

the Hall of Fame from the NKBA. Then in 1995, Carl was also a finalist

for The Entrepreneur of the Year. In 1996, the Southern Growth Policies

Board Award and the Governor's Cup Award. 1997 was a great year for

Viking when it won awards from Kitchen and Bath Business, Product

Innovator Award, Chicago Athenaeum, Museum of Architecture and Design,

and Good design Exhibition. Other awards have included the Mississippi

Heritage Trust Award of Excellence, Architectural Record advertising

award, Food & Wine's Award for #1 Home Stove, and Gold Awards for

Designer Series.

Viking revolutionized the home kitchen industry with its introduction

of the first commercial-style full range. Now they are revolutionizing

the way gourmets travel. These tours offer a true look at the local

cuisine and cultures of the area. Travelers will indulge in high-end

luxury cuisine while learning how to make the amazing dishes at the

same time. The Viking Life World of Flavor Travel Program combines the

history of the area and its food with a hands-on learning experience.

Guest will receive instructions from chefs, food authors and food

experts that know each regions cuisine inside and out. This program is

a true gastronomic odyssey of all the culinary senses with walks

through local food market areas, to hikes in mountainous surrounding in

search of exotic ingredients and then a return to the must luxurious

world-class accommodations reserved by Viking. It is a dream vacation

for the gourmet in everyone.