Houston-based TPC Group Inc. has an operating history of nearly 70 years. The company is a leading producer of value-added products derived from niche petrochemical raw materials. TPC Group sells its products and services into a wide range of performance, specialty and intermediate markets. These markets include synthetic rubber, fuels, lubricant additives, plastics and surfactants.

As North America’s largest producer of finished butadiene and the largest producer of butene-1, companies around the globe rely on TPC Group as a dependable supplier for hydrocarbon processing and other specialty chemicals. The company is also the sole producer of chemical grade disobutylene in North America and the second largest active merchant producer of high purity isobutylene in North America. Put simply, TPC Group supplies key chemical components that go into tires, carpets, gasoline additives and many other essential items used in people’s everyday lives.

TPC Group today announced that the NASDAQ Stock Market LLC has approved its application for the listing of its common stock on the NASDAQ Capital Market. The company’s shares are expected to begin trading on the NASDAQ Capital Market when the market opens on Tuesday, May 4, 2010, under the symbol “TPCG”.

Achieving a national securities exchange listing was a key goal for TPC Group. The company’s president and CEO, Charlie Shaver, stated, “As we continue to successfully execute on our business plan, we believe this listing enhances value for our shareholders, as it should provide increased visibility within the investment community and improve the trading liquidity of our shares.”