On Saturday, comedian Tracy Morgan will return to "Saturday Night Live," where he was a cast member from 1996 to 2003, to host the show that made him famous. The gig will be Morgan's first time back on the "SNL" stage -- he missed the 40th anniversary special in February 2015 -- since a June 2014 car accident sidelined the actor with a brain injury for almost a year until his first public reaappearance at the 2015 Primetime Emmy Awards. As Morgan's comeback revs up, here are the five "Saturday Night Live" characters Morgan should resurrect during his return to the show.  

1. Brian Fellow

Brian Fellow, Morgan's underqualified wildlife expert -- he only has a sixth-grade education -- was one of his most memorable characters during his eight-year tenure on "SNL." Whether mistaking the issue of "clubbing seals" to be the animal's proclivity for dancing or confusing Tina Fey for a man, Fellow could always be counted on for big laughs. 

Watch Morgan as Brian Fellow below:

2. Uncle Jemima 

"SNL" has long been known for its fake commercial sketches and one of the funniest featured Morgan's unique take on maple syrup mascot Aunt Jemima -- Uncle Jemima. Unlike his wife, Uncle Jemima was not selling maple syrup, just some good, old-fashioned pure mash liquor. Both funny for its absurdity (Uncle Jemima's pure mash liquor has a 99% alcohol content!) and its sharp racial commentary, the character would still be just as hilarious and relevant now.

Watch Morgan Uncle Jemima below:

3. Astronaut Jones

Sometimes, Tracy Morgan can be so weird, it seems like he is from another planet. That is probably what made Morgan's adventures as an incompetent astronaut in the fake 1960s TV show "Astronaut Jones" so hysterial. In every sketch, Morgan would blast off to another planet searching for extraterrestrial life but ultimately end up just trying to get laid. Of course, the best part of the recurring sketch was Morgan crooning the ultracampy theme song. 

Listen to Morgan sing the "Astronaut Jones" theme below:

4. Maya Angelou

That Tracy Morgan is a man is among the least strange aspects of his regular take on author Maya Angelou. Watching him read Angelou-penned Hallmark cards was always a surreal delight. Angelou died in May 2014 and a revival of Morgan's impression could be a hilarious tribute. 

Watch Morgan as Maya Angelou below:

5. Dominican Lou

It may be too politically incorrect to bring back this Saturday, but Bronx superintendent Dominican Lou remains one of Morgan's more memorable characters. Ranting about the problems in his building in a thick Dominican accent, Lou was Morgan's most popular Weekend Update regular. There are certainly some fans who would not mind seeing him return.

Watch Morgan as Dominican Lou below: