TraderPower today announced the formal launch of its website,, which is designed to empower investors with all the resources they need to make profitable trading decisions. Using the vast resources on the website, the investment community can discover undervalued small-cap companies, learn how to properly analyze investment opportunities, and utilize free research tools for in-depth evaluation.

TraderPower’s #1 focus is on connecting investors with undervalued small-cap companies that are trading far below their true worth. Savvy investors often desire to discover the next Apple or Google, but do not have the tools necessary to find that diamond in the rough. With an estimated 15,000 publicly traded companies, it’s no surprise that these stocks exist. Of course once these neglected equities begin to get noticed, the climb to their fair valuation can be exceptionally profitable in a very short time.

In addition to helping investors find undervalued small-cap companies, we also help underappreciated companies get the attention of investors. Without the awareness of investors, even a company soaring in profits and increasing market share will have a stagnant stock value. These profitable gems deserve to get their message heard above the internet clutter. Through our powerful network of financial professionals, TraderPower services can help small-cap companies connect with their shareholders and move the investment community.

Michael McCarthy, Co-Founder and Managing Director, stated, “TraderPower is desperately needed in today’s investment environment. There are literally hundreds of highly successful companies trading on the AMEX, NASDAQ and NYSE exchanges that aren’t getting the attention they deserve. With the launch of this site, we hope that our efforts will bring equilibrium to the small-cap markets and most importantly bring exceptional returns to the investment community.”

Jonathan Keim, Co-Founder and Director of Communications, added, “TraderPower introduces public companies to qualified U.S. and International retail stockbrokers, investors, analysts, market makers, and fund managers with corporate profiles, media materials and investor kits that actively engage the financial marketplace. Investors are hungry for real wisdom in the investment community. We believe our services will play a significant role in helping publicly traded companies overcome low visibility and attract a wider following of investors to help improve their overall market valuation. Using cooperative communication and keeping an ear open to the investment community, we hope to achieve great success for the investor and the small-cap company alike.”