Overall traders today and throughout the US session are targeting mainly high-yielding currencies; the euro and the pound, as optimism was strongly spread within the global market after that it was announced and reported that the French Finance Minister; Francois Baroin, said that negotiations between Greece and its private creditors are currently making tangible progress, easing the ongoing worries caused by the EU unending financial crisis.

Accordingly today we saw a low dollar index, which as we know measures the performance of the dollar against six major currencies including the euro and the Japanese yen and the pound sterling, currently trading at levels of 79.67 since the opening of trading at levels of 80.32, its highest level during the day at 80.37 and achieving the lowest level during the day at 79.64 .

The gold for instance has seen a rise on the daily chart during the current period amid falling U.S. dollar, reaching its highest levels since about a month and a half of trading until the moment at 1679.18 U.S. dollars per ounce, since the opening of trading at 1663.75 dollars an ounce, while oil rose in trading today of up to U.S. $ 99.03 a barrel, since the opening of trading at levels of U.S. $ 97.60 a barrel.

Now today's high EUR / USD, with reference to the levels of the opening which now amount to 1.2887 dollars, has made the pair the highest level at 1.3053 dollars during the day, while has the lowest at 1.2882 dollars, with the knowledge that her husband had risen to currently trades at 1.3036 dollars , indicating that the pair broke through the barrier resistance impregnable at $ 1.3000 U.S., the currently targets levels of strong resistance at 1.3035 U.S. dollars, while the remaining levels of support immune located at $ 1.3000 U.S., which turned from the point of resistance to the point of support after the success of the pair breached.

The GBP / USD has risen is the other during the day, where the pair began trading today at 1.5543 dollars, the pair has achieved its highest level at 1.5602 dollars during the day, while has the lowest at U.S. $ 1.5517, while the pair is trading currently at U.S. $ 1.5581 , so the pair is now resistance levels at 1.5585 U.S. dollars, and if the pair succeeded in penetrating these levels, the next resistance levels will be at U.S. $ 1.5630, the next support point for the pound remain at U.S. $ 1.5515.

In the end, by addressing the pair of U.S. - Japanese yen, it actually dropped the pair during the trading session today, where the husband had started trading at 76.97 yen, has made the pair the highest levels at 77.08 yen during the day, while its lowest at 76.86 yen, while being pair now trading at 76.92 yen, so the trading pair remains confined between the levels of support at 76.60 yen, and the levels of resistance at 77.10 yen.