U.S. macro data came far less than expected. Investors responded by moving away from riskier assets back to buying the Yen and U.S. Dollar. The EUR/USD was slightly down after U.S Durable Goods was published, The USD/JPY traded lower, currently trading at $87.22 as investors feel safer holding the Yen over the USD. The British Pound continued to rally against the U.S. Dollar, despite the move to safer assets.

U.S. demand for Durable Goods, which is usually a sign for economic strength, came negative at -1.0%. Forecasts which already expected a form of decline from last month were more moderate than the actual figure. Traders were surprised by the final figure and reacted by sending markets lower. Later the Beige Book was released by the Fed during mid U.S. day trading. It provided a mixed economic picture but eventually supported the markets from declining further. The report said that the U.S. economy was growing but there were also signs of a slowdown in some regions over the past two months.

Looking ahead to today, traders should follow the release of the Unemployment Claims at 12:30 GMT. A worse than expected result might intensify the current trend and strengthen the greenback further.