Established in 2003, The TradeShow Marketing Company, Ltd. is a consumer products company. Their focus is on the development and distribution of unique products that have broad appeal and improve the lives of consumers. The Company operates a direct demonstration business via trade shows and exhibitions throughout North America. They also have various product-specific e-commerce web sites.

Earlier this month, Tradeshow Marketing Company, Ltd. announced that they launched their exclusive Risoli™ Titanium Induction cookware set. The Company chose a titanium induction combination for their set because of the advantages it has over most conventional cookware. The set is lightweight and durable because of the Titanium and fused Aluminum construction. In addition, cooking is faster, safer, and more energy efficient when used with an induction cooker.

Yesterday, The Tradeshow Marketing Company, Ltd. announced that they completed an agreement with Seattle-based Cesari Direct. This agreement is for the production of an upcoming short-form Direct Response Television campaign, anticipated to debut on National Television later next month.

“Cesari Direct is a highly reputable company in the DRTV media production field”, said Luniel de Beer, CEO of Tradeshow Marketing. He continued that, “Their experience and success, along with their commitment to excellence, made them our first choice as a partner, and I am very pleased that we were able to complete this agreement with them.”