SwissUSD-CHF @ 0.9402/05...Can break the 0.9520-9380 range on the down side
R: 0.9460 / 0.9520 /
S: 0.9400-380 / 0.9310

The view remains the same and the pair continues to trade in the 0.9520-9380 and is facing resistance on every rise towards 0.9430. Also the short term charts is showing a bearish SHS with down side target of 0.9320 and the neckline has already been broken. Having said that the uptrend on the short term charts is not yet broken with the trend line support coming at 0.9375. Only a break of this will be a conformation of the down move. Looking at Euro which is trading in the 1.2820-2660 range but there is a possibility of it breaking this range on the upside which will be bearish for Swiss. So the bias remains for Swiss to break 0.9375 and move lower.
CableGBP-USD @ 1.5928/31...Rise to 1.6000 looks likely
R: 1.5980 / 1.6025 /
S: 1.5930 / 1.5900-5880 / 1.5820-00

The pair did moved up a bit has not given any substantial move, we can see it moving towards 1.5980 and 1.6020 which are its resistances on the short term and the weekly charts respectively. The view remains the same and we can see Cable extending its gains to 1.6020 before it continues it next leg down. Looking at the daily and the weekly charts Cable does seem bearish and more so looking at the weekly charts. On the down side 1.5880 is expected to give good support and is likely to cap the down side.

AussieAUD-USD @ 1.0394/97 Can still rise to 1.0480-500 while above 1.0380
R: 1.0430 / 1.0500 /
S: 1.0380 / 1.0310-00 / 1.0225

The pair after rising very well above 1.0400 faced resistance near 1.0430 and has slipped lower towards its 1.0380 support. The pair needs to break 1.0430 if it has to move ahead towards its upper range resistance of 1.0510 and the down side is safe till it holds on to its 1.0380 support on the daily charts on closing basis. When looked at the bigger picture on the weekly there are two visible ranges the bigger 1.0625-150 and the 1.0480-290 smaller range. The bias is that Aussie is likely to move towards the upper 1.0480 end of the smaller range which would be a good level to short the pair.

Limit Sell Order
Sell AUD 10K at 1.0510, SL 1.0575, TP 1.0380

Happy Trading!