Gurumurthy, our trader/ analyst, has hurt himself in the elbow today. So, I am filling in for him today, just review ing the positions we are holding. Sorry for the delay and the truncated service. Kindly bear with us. Thank You. Vikram Murarka



EUR-USD @ 1.3332/34...Can dip to 1.3275-45

The Euro is not bouncing yet. While below 1.3350, there is a bit of a danger of a fall towards 1.3275-45. Such a fall, if seen, can stop us out of our Long position. In the morning we had mentioned 1.3280 as the important Range Support. But, there is a bit of a fear that this is a choppy market, looking to take out Stops.Since we are also holding a Short USDCHF position, we are exiting our EURUSD Long entered at 1.3335.

Limit Buy Order: Buy EUR 20K at 1.3265, SL 1.3190, TP 1.3310 for EUR 10K and Open for the balance.


USD-JPY @ 81.03/06...Limit Buy Order

Limit Buy Order:

Buy USD 10K at 80.10, SL 79.35, TP 82.10


EUR-JPY @ 108.04/06...Limit Buy Order

Limit Buy Order:

Buy EUR 10K at 107.10, SL 106.30, TO 110.80


USD-CHF @ 0.9040/43...Danger of rise?

Getting Support at 0.9040 on the 1-hour chart. There can be chances of rise towards 0.9080-9100 while this Support continues to hold. While below 0.9060, the market can be ranged sideways between 0.9060 on the upside and 0.9020 on the downside.Holding

USD 10K short at 0.9040, SL 0.9110, TP 0.8970