USD-CHF @ 0.9124/27...Ranged

R: 0.9150 / 0.9200-20 / 0.9250 S: 0.9100-9080 / 0.9050

Dollar Swiss is retaining its 0.9080-9150 sideways range. We will have to wait for a breakout on either side of this range to get clear idea on the further direction of move. 0.9050 is an important Support level seen on the downside which can be tested while below 0.9150. Whether this Support at 0.9050 holds or breaks will be the key. We will have to wait and see. The immediate outlook is not clear. We are staying out of the market.

GBP-USD @ 1.5702/05...Support at 1.5650-40

R: 1.5750 / 1.5800 S: 1.5691 / 1.5650-40

Cable has dropped sharply breaking below its Support at 1.5750 and is now trading just above 1.5700. Immediate Support is seen at 1.5691 (100-DMA) which if broken can take the pair further down towards 1.5650-30. Important to note is that 1.5640 is a signifincant Support level on the monthly chart which has held very well last week. We expect it to continue to hold and a bounce back to 1.5750-5800 once again is possible from this Support near 1.5640. Having said this, as per our weekly view, we will be looking to go long at 1.5650.

Limit Buy Order: Buy GBP 10K at 1.5650, SL 1.5580, TP 1.5775

AUD-USD @ 1.0635/38...Watch Support in 1.0620-00 region

R: 1.0650 / 1.0700 S: 1.0620-00 / 1.0550

Aussie has come off from the day's high of 1.0686. Support is seen in 1.0620-00 region which needs to be watched. A bounce back from current levels needs to see a strong rise past 1.0700 to ease the downside pressure. Overall we see 50-50 chances of moving on either side from current levels and we will have to wait and see what happens.

Holding: AUD 10K at 1.0650, SL 1.0590 (up from 1.0570), TP 1.0915 As soon as the market trades 1.0680 bring SL up to 1.0620 and as soon as the market trades 1.0700 trail SL to 1.0665. Happy Trading!