SwissUSD-CHF @ 0.9286/89...Bullish

R: 0.9300 / 0.9380-400
S: 0.9250 / 0.9200

Dollar-Swiss failed to extend its break above 0.9300 and has come off from its high of 0.9307. However, the pair is not showing much downside momentum to extend its downmove strongly. This keeps the overall bullish view intact. Having said this, there is good chance of seeing a break and rise above 0.9300 towards 0.9380-9400. On the downside 0.9250 and 0.9200 are the important Supports to be watched.

USD 10K Long at 0.9297, SL 0.9225, TP 0.9370
As soon as the market trades 0.9315 bring SL up to 0.9245 and as soon as the market trades 0.9340 trail SL to 0.9315

CableGBP-USD @ 1.6107/10...Immediate outlook mixed

R: 1.6200 / 1.6300
S: 1.6100 / 1.6050-30

Although the overall uptrend still remains intact, the immediate outlook on the Cable is looking mixed as the pair is neither seeing a strong break below 1.6100 nor gaining strength to rise past 1.6200 and rise further. We will have to wait and see how the pair closes for the week today. If a break below 1.6100 is seen in the US session today, then we will be looking to go Long in 1.6050-30 Support region.

Limit Buy Order:
Buy GBP 10K at 1.6035, SL 1.5960, TP 1.6300

AussieAUD-USD @ 1.0045/48...Support at 1.0020 holding

R: 1.0100 / 1.0150
S: 1.0020 / 0.9970-50

Aussie fell once again to 1.0020 during the day as we had expected and is now bouncing back. Today's closing will be very important to be watched and it will have to be seen whether the pair manages to sustain and close above 1.0020 or not. As mentioned in the morning, a break below 1.0020 will be bad and it can drag it further down towards 0.9970-50 on the downside. We will have to wait and see what happens.

Happy Trading!