SwissUSD-CHF @ 0.9556/59...Can dip to 0.9515-00

R: 0.9572 / 0.9650 / 0.9700
S: 0.9515-00 / 0.9450

Dollar-Swiss is trading silent in a narrow range of 0.9539-0.9574. The 21-DMA (Support-turned-Resistance) at 0.9573 is holding well. As such we can expect a dip to test its 0.9515-00 Support region in the coming sessions and these dips can be bought as the broader picture is still bullish. However, if a break below 0.9500 is seen then the pair can move down further to the next important/strong Support at 0.9450 and a fall to 0.9450 could be taken as an opportunity to add to the Long position. To sum up, Dollar Swiss can move down immediately in the coming sessions and we will be looking to buy these dips.
Limit Buy Order:
Buy USD 10K at 0.9505, SL 0.9435, TP 0.9680
Buy USD 10K at 0.9460, SL 0.9410, TP 0.9950

CableGBP-USD @ 1.5512/15...Retaining the range

R: 1.5550 / 1.5600
S: 1.5475-50 / 1.5400

Cable is trading volatile just now. It dipped to a low of 1.5473 and then bounced back sharply to 1.5547 to come down again 1.5500. The view remains the same. The 1.5450-5600 sideways range remains intact and the pair is expected to retain this range in the coming sessions over today/tomorrow as well. However, if a break below 1.5450 is seen, then Cable can move down further to 1.5400-5350. On the upside 1.5640-50 is the important Resistance region seen above 1.5600.
We booked a profit of 20 pips from the Long position entered at 1.5485

AussieAUD-USD @ 0.9947/50...Support at 0.9900

R: 0.9965 / 1.0000 / 1.0070-1000
S: 0.9915-9000 / 0.9850 / 0.9820-00

Aussie is trading in a narrow range of 0.9920-65 within its broad 0.9820-1.0000 sideways range. The immdeiate outlook is a bit mixed. There could be chances of testing 0.9900 now and only a strong break below 0.9900 will bring in the downside pressure on the pair. However, if 0.9900 holds, then it will increase the chances of seeing a break and rise above 1.0000 towards 1.0070-1.0100. We expect the Support at 0.9900 to hold and to see a rise to 1.0070-100.

Happy Trading!