SwissUSD-CHF @ 0.9521/24...Can fall to 0.9500 or even lower
R: 0.9572-600 / 0.9650
S: 0.9500 / 0.9450Dollar-Swiss is trading flat after the sharp fall earlier today. With no significant move seen on either side during the day, our view remains the same. The pair could now find it difficult to rise back above 0.9600 for some time and 0.9500 can be tested on the downside very well. The chances of the downmove extending further to 0.9450 cannot be ruled out. However, the downside could be limited and the overall picture is still bullish and sharp dips can be bought. As of now we are sure on the extend of the downmove and as such we prefer to stay out of the market for now
CableGBP-USD @ 1.5650/53...Can rise to 1.5750
R: 1.5650 / 1.5700 / 1.5750
S: 1.5600 / 1.5553 / 1.5500Cable fell to a low of 1.5573 during the day and has bounced back well from there. Technically the 21-DMA (currently at 1.5553) seems to be holding well and the pair can see a break above its Resistance at 1.5650 in the coming sessions which can take it up to 1.5750. Any sharp downmove is not looking likely and we expect the 21-DMA to hold well if a pull back is seen once again
AussieAUD-USD @ 1.0224/27...Can rise to 1.0275
R: 1.0245 / 1.0275
S: 1.0200-180 / 1.0150Aussie has risen well above 1.0200 as we had expected and is keeping up the bullish view intact. 1.0275 is the next significant Resistance to be watched and which can be tested now. A pull back to 1.0200-180 is possible from there in the coming sessions. We will have to wait and see. Overall picture continues to be bullish

Happy Trading!