SwissUSD-CHF @ 0.9771/74...Bullish
R: 0.9950 / 1.0065-85
S: 0.9700 / 0.9650 / 0.9600

Dollar-Swiss witnessed a strong rise last week breaking above its important Resistance at 0.9650 that was restricting the rise over the last several days. The pair has found good Support in the 0.9500-450 region and the broader picture remains bullish. 0.9700 could now be a very good Support level and the upside remains open for a test of 0.9949 [61.8% Retracement level of the fall from 1.1731 (May-2010) to 0.7066 (Aug-2011)] or even 1.0065-85 which are the important Resistances on the monthly and weekly charts. Dips should be definetly bought.

Trade ideas for the week:
1) Buy on dips to 0.9700-650 region with stop below 0.9600.

CableGBP-USD @ 1.5496/99...Ranged
R: 1.5600 / 1.5640 / 1.5750
S: 1.5450 / 1.5380 / 1.5250

Cabel failed to see a strong rise past 1.5700 last week and fell sharply from the high of 1.5721. The Weekly candles suggests a broad sideways range of 1.5450-5750. There is important Trendline Support near 1.5380 which can halt the current downmove. A bounce from this Support could trigger a rise to 1.5750 once again. We expect this Support at 1.5380 to hold. On the other hand, a break below 1.5380 can take it further down towards 1.5250 the chances of which cannot be ruled out. Overall Cable is expected to retain its sideways range 1.5450-5750 but with an extension on the downside to 1.5380 or 1.5250. No trade ideas for the week as of now. We will see how the pair moves and then take trades accordingly.

AussieAUD-USD @ 1.0189/92...Important Support near 1.0150
R: 1.0250 / 1.0330 / 1.0430
S: 1.0150-40 / 1.0100 / 1.0000

Aussie did not see a sharp sell off as was seen in other currencies last week. This gives a bit of an upper hand for the pair. 1.0155 and 1.0144 are the important Support levels seen on the monthly and weekly charts respectively. We expect these Supports to hold as the pair is not showing much strength on the downside. While above these Support levels, Aussie could be in for a strong rally going forward. Technically the 55-Week-MA (currently at 1.0328) Resistance has held well last week. A strong break above the 55-Week-MA can take it further up towards 1.0430 or even 1.0500. There is a broad sideways range of 0.9500-1.0900 and the pair is almost at the middle of this range now. We expect it to head towards the upper end of this range in the coming weeks.

Trade ideas for the week:
1) Buy into a bounce from 1.0150.

Happy Trading!