"Swiss"USD-CHF @ 0.9725/28...Bullish above 0.9680

R: 0.9800 / 0.9860

S: 0.9680 / 0.9610

The pair went down to make a low of 0.9697 but bounced back, till it manages to stay above its support of 0.9680 we can expect it to move towards 0.9800 and 0.9860 respectively. Pair seems to have lost the momentum and a break below 0.9680 can take the pair towards 0.9610.


USD 10K long at 0.9720, SL 0.9695, TP 0.9910

Limit Buy Order
Buy USD 10K at 0.9650, SL 0.9620, TP 0.9685

"Cable"GBP-USD @ 1.5695/98...Ranged but can break on the upside
R: 1.5700 / 1.5750-65 / 1.5860
S: 1.5665 / 1.5600-570 / 1.5400

The pair has been desperately trying to break its resistance of 1.5700-10 above which it was not able to sustain. Broadly it is trading in the 1.5400-1.5740 range which can be expected to be broken on the upside. The pair does have a down side risk of 1.5570 if 1.5665 is broken but which does look unlikely at this point in time. We would wait for the range to break on the upside or wait for the pair to come down towards 1.5570 before taking a long position, short are to be avoided.

Limit Buy Order
Buy GBP 10K at 1.5570, SL 1.5490, TP 1.5700

"Aussie"AUD-USD @ 1.0526/29...Mixed tough the trend is still up
R: 1.0550 / 1.0630
S: 1.0475-60 / 1.0395-80

The pair has been in an uptrend since June and from the last few days the pair has been making reversal candles on the daily charts which does suggests that the uptrend is slowing down tough the reversal candles have not been conformed yet hence we cannot assume the uptrend has ended. We are not sure weather the pair will turn down from here itself or it will go towards 1.0630-70 and then turn. We would bee looking to go short near 1.0650-70 with a stop above 1.0700.
Limit Sell Order
Sell AUD 10K at 1.0670, SL 1.0740, TP Open

Happy Trading!