"Swiss"USD-CHF @ 0.9540/43... Overall bearish but can rise to 0.9600 first
R: 0.9600 / 0.9640 / 0.9735
S: 0.9510-00 / 0.9460 / 0.9400 / 0.9430

As expected the pair did bounce towards 0.9600 but could not go all the way further higher and is facing resistance at 0.9575 levels, there are chances that the pair can still move towards 0.9600 which would be a good levels to enter a short position. Overall our view remains bearish for a fall to 0.9460 and 0.9400 in the near term. The market is waiting for the NFP data expected to come today evening which is expected to come at 122K against previous of 163K.

Limit Sell Order
Sell USD 10K at 0.9615, SL 0.9660, TP 0.9520

"Cable"GBP-USD @ 1.5928/31...Bullish
R: 1.6000 / 1.6050 / 1.6150
S: 1.5890 / 1.5850 / 1.5800

The pair rose well above 1.5900 swiftly to make a high of 1.5985 but faced resistance and has slipped down and can go lower to 1.5900 to take support. The over all view remains bullish for a test of 1.6000 and further to 1.6050. it looks a good buy on dips towards 1.5900 or lower. It looks to be in a good uptrend.

"Aussie"AUD-USD @ 1.0345/48...Sell rallies
R: 1.0375 / 1.0430
S: 1.0330 / 1.0234 / 1.0150

The pair as discussed in the morning has broken 1.0330 and has moved higher and is expected to rise towards 1.0400-30 which seems to be a good resistance on the daily charts and also a good position to short the pair. The broader picture remains bearish for a target of 1.0230 in the coming days.

Limit Sell Order
Sell AUD 10K at 1.0425, SL 1.0470, TP Open

Happy Trading!