"Swiss"USD-CHF @ 0.9369/72... Looks weak but can bounce from 0.9340

R: 0.9400-10 / 0.9460 / 0.9530
S: 0.9340 / 0.9530

The market reacted after the German court ruled in favor of the ESM that left the Dollar weak against all currencies. The pair did achieve its down side target of 0.9340 which is its channel support on the daily chart, there are good chances that the pair will break this trend line but prior to that we can see it bouncing from here towards 0.9415 which is its 200 EMA on the daily charts on the daily charts. The trend remains bearish and the upside seems to be capped at 0.9415

"Cable"GBP-USD @ 1.6090/93...Overall bullish but can correct towards 1.6000

R: 1.6160 / 1.6200
S: 1.6080 1.6000 / 1.5910

The pair moved up from 1.6075 levels to 1.6130 after the news but could not hold on to its gains and came below 1.6100. The pair remains in an uptrend and can move up towards 1.6080 and further to 1.6170. The pair has moved quite a bit and we might witness the pair correcting a bit and retreating to 1.6000 levels which would be a good level to go long on the pair with a stop below 1.5950.

Limit Buy Order
Buy GBP 10K at 1.5990, SL 1.5940, TP 1.6140

"Aussie"AUD-USD @ 1.0474/77...Mixed

R: 1.0520 / 1.0560 / 1.0590 /
S: 1.0430 / 1.0370 / 1.0300

The pair continued its rise to make a high of 1.0507 from where it has started to retreat the short term charts do look as if the pair is facing resistance at the 1.0500 mark. But the pair can still move up to continues its medium tern uptrend and target 1.0600 which is a trend line resistance on the daily charts which we expect it to hold and will be a good level to short the pair with a tight stop. On the down side the pair can towards 1.0430 which is a good support on the daily charts which if broken can put the pair into bearish phase again and can again move towards 1.0370 and 1.0310.

Limit Sell Order:
Sell AUD 10K at 1.0590, SL 1.0665, TP Open

Happy Trading!