"Swiss"USD-CHF @ 0.9574/77...Bearish

R: 0.9585-610 / 0.9710-35 / 0.9760
S: 0.9545 / 0.9460

The pair moved up to take resistance near 0.9585 and is moving lower but has support at 0.9545 which needs to be broken for the pair to resume its down trend. It currently trades below its 100 EMA which stands at 0.9565 on the daily charts which is expected to keep the pair under pressure and would ensure that it closes below 0.9565. On the break of 0.9545 we can expect the pair to move toward 0.9460 which is a support on the daily charts. The upside seems to be capped at 0.9585-610 which if at all gets broken it can open doors for a rise to 0.9700 but looks quite unlikely.

"Cable"GBP-USD @ 1.5825/28...Looks bullish

R: 1.5835-40 / 1.5900 / 1.6050
S: 1.5800 / 1.5650

The pair in the intra day did try to move lower but found support at 1.5800 on the trend line on the four hour charts and has bounced back. It now looks bullish to break above of its resistance at 1.5835-40 and move towards 1.5900 and further towards 1.0650. The momentum can pick up from here and the pair can move swiftly.

GBP 10K Long at 1.5789, SL 1.5740, TP 1.5990

"Aussie"AUD-USD @ 1.0360/63...Bearish

R: 1.0375 / 1.0400 /
S: 1.0345 / 1.0300 / 1.0230

The pair tried moving up but faced resistance at its 1.0380 and moving back lower, we can see it moving lower towards 1.0300 if it manages to break its support of 1.0345 which is its 55 EMA on the daily charts. It does look weak and looks likely to break on the down side. Till the time it stays below 1.0430 we can assume the short term trend to be bearish. The upside for the pair seems capped at 1.0400 at its 200 EMA on the four hour charts.

AUD 10K Short at 1.0375, SL 1.0430, TP 1.0310
AS soon as the market trades 1.0340, Trail SL to 1.0375

Happy Trading!