Financials: Mar. Bonds are currently 1'04 lower at 120'03. We continue to hold the combination of short Mar. Bonds and short the Mar. Bond 115'00 put. Tomorrow morning the market is expecting a slightly friendly Unemployment Report. The current guestimate is for a loss of 130,000 non-payroll jobs. This will be less than previous months and by my calculation the 23rd straight monthly decline in payrolls.

Grains: Yesterday Beans were 25 cents lower, Corn 8 lower and Wheat 8 lower. Over night the market saw a small recovery with Beans 9 higher, Corn 3 higher and Wheat 5 higher. We continue to hold the combination of short out of the money puts and calls in Mar. Beans.

Cattle: Yesterday Dec. Cattle closed 45 lower at 82.10. We remain long with a protective sell stop at 80.80. We also remain spread long Dec./ short Apr which is currently at a loss.

Silver: Mar. Silver is currently 33 cents lower at 18.99. We remain long out of the money call spreads in the July contract, having roller the long side of the spread into a higher strike price.

S&P's: Dec. S&P's are currently 4.00 higher at 1111.75. I remain on the sidelines.

Currencies: As of this writing the Dec. Euro is 44 higher at 1.5073, the Swiss 16 higher at .9999, the Yen 120 lower at 1.1316 and the Pound 38 lower at 1.6602. We remain long out of the money puts. The Dec. Dollar Index is currently 1 lower at 74.695. Yesterday we went long the Dollar Index in the 74.40 area with a protective sell stop at 74.21. I recommend raising your stop to the 74.35 level. Resistance is currently 75.04. Starting next Monday, I will consider the Mar. contract the lead month.