Transdel Pharmaceuticals, Inc, a US specialty pharmaceutical company, announced today that it has made the decision to focus on generating increased shareholder value through the aid of two investment banks, American MedTech Advisors and ESC Advisors. The main motive behind this investment is to further develop TDLP-110 or Ketotransdel®, the company’s flagship late stage in-development pain product.

Transdel has already finished the beginning of the Phase 3 trial for TDLP-110, presenting all data and information that came along with the trial at the 13th World Congress on Pain, which was held in Montreal, Canada in September of last year. Transdel holds its utmost belief in the TDLP product, as it is poised to become the first ever topical keteprofen product that will be approved in the US. It can also be famed as being the “best in class” product in the topical NSAID market.

“The data of the TDLP-110 Phase 3 trial confirm that it is an effective product candidate for reducing pain of acute soft tissue injuries and is very well tolerated,” said lead clinical investigator Evan F. Ekman, M.D. and President and Medical Director of Southern Orthopaedic Sports Medicine, Columbia, SC. “TDLP-110 has the potential to offer a new standard in topical pain management with an active ingredient and an elegant cream formulation that once approved differs from available topical NSAID treatments. In particular, I am impressed by the excellent cutaneous/application site tolerability.”

The potential investment with the banks is not the only strategy that the company has in mind. Other strategies that can be employed include possible future partnerships, mergers, equity/debt financing, or selling the company as a whole. If the decision to sell the company is made, the recent strategic plans being made can lead to more attractive terms for the sale. The company has withheld disclosing the developments until all of the plans are implemented and the Board has approved all of the specific transactions incorporated with the plans.

Transdel Pharmaceuticals is a company that provides topically delivered products in the US. Its main patent, Transdel cream formulation technology, is specifically designed to create permeable penetration of its various products through the barrier of the skin. The company’s main product Ketotransdel® makes use of the patented technology to deliver the drug ketoprofen, which is an anti-inflammatory drug, into the skin directly to exert its anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. Transdel also develops a variety of cosmetic products that use the transdermal delivery system technology.

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