“Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” had the second biggest opening day take ever, earning $60.6 million in gross revenues, but fell short of last year’s hit “The Dark Knight,” which earned $67.2 million on its first day.

The robot movie sequel to the 2007 hit was tracking well, with online movie ticket sellers such as Fandango reporting many sold out shows.

The film had the best-ever midnight show sales for a film released Wednesday, earning $16 million, Paramount Studios said in a released statement, lauding the film’s director.

“Michael Bay knows how to make movies people love and we are off to an extraordinary start around the world,” said Paramount Pictures Corp Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Brad Gray in a released statement.

In May, Bay sent an e-mail message to various studio executives complaining that the film was not being well promoted. However earlier this month, the director said in a separate e-mail message that things were doing well, thanking the studio for bringing its “A-game” to promoting the film.