Transformers star Shia LaBeouf claims I'm not great with women, dude.

Here is a list of LaBeouf's known past flings and love interests, with the most recent revelation of Megan Fox shocking the public.

Kiely Williams 2003
Regarding their past relationship, the singer revealed He doesn't mention it. He got dumped.

China Brezner 2004-2007
Shia LaBeouf and China Brezner met on the set of The Greatest Game Ever Played and dated for three years. As Shia's career picked up, the relationship got difficult and the two split.

Hilary Duff
In the August 2011 Issue of Details Magazine, Shia discussed his date with Duff years ago as probably the worst date either of us has ever had.

Megan Fox  2007
LaBeouf explains his fling with Fox on set, ...the time I spent with Megan was our own thing, and I think you can see the chemistry onscreen.

Rihanna August 2007
After exchanging a couple of texts, Rihanna and Shia LaBeouf went out on one date in 2007. He describes the date as The spark wasn't there. We weren't passionate about each other in that way, so we remain friends.

Lauren Hasting 2008
Hastings, who is the model in Justin Timberlake's Cry Me A River music video, and LaBeouf dated.

Isabel Lucas 2008
Australian actress, Transformers 2 co-star hit it off together.

Carey Mulligan August 2009 - October 2010
Never Let Me Go actress split with Shia after a little more than a year-long relationship.

Karolyn Pho  December 2010 - present
LaBeouf was spotted in New York and Los Angeles with his stylist and student girlfriend.

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