I don’t know whether to start with the gold market comments on this transition or the upcoming Mayan calendar Dec 21, 2012 predictions.

First. We got this mega hurricane in the East coast that messed everything up and shut the US markets for two days, which are open – barely. I think this Hurricane has prophetic implications too. But that is a personal opinion.

Then, we have the US election next Tuesday. Everything is in transition. One thing I am certain of, being a gold prognosticator (one of the best I believe and I can prove it), is that gold is going higher in 2013.

Of course I can be wrong. A huge stock crash is also due, and that always drags gold down. But nevertheless, I predict gold will be in the $2000s in 2013. A year ago we predicted gold would range from $1500 to $2000 for 2012. That proved very accurate for a range.

When gold will break this $1800 barrier (we predicted a month ago roughly that gold would not break $1800 by a weeks’ notice and it dropped) it’s hard to tell. But it will happen within a year. Next ranges for gold will be according to my calculations $2000 to $2500 in 2013. Silver of course rallies too, but I use gold as my main metal metric.

But we are all waiting for the US elections, and also China has a regime change every ten years, in November late. Right after the US elections. Then Merkel has another big election in mid-2013. And she will be pressed to not roll over on the EU debt crisis. And that means the EU debt crisis will come to a head again around March.

So we have ongoing Mid-East chaos, and a coming new EU debt crisis (never ends) and new regimes worldwide. This is very gold bullish.

So while these three major economies get new leadership, as you notice the world stock markets are basically on hold. But I am sure a big stock crash is coming.

It’s just been too long since the last crash when the S and P hit 666 (nice Halloween number).

With the US fiscal deficit in shambles, and the US fiscal cliff coming Jan 2013, and US companies doing thousands of layoffs again, the signs are again for a mega stock crash coming. But who knows how soon after the US elections at the very least?

Then the China regime change, then the Merkel elections….

Then, we have this amazing prophecy stuff related to the Mayan calendar ending Dec 21, 2012. There are also many other prophecies related to this date, the I Ching and US Native American like the Hopi. The world is indeed going through huge changes at this juncture. Look at the total remake of the Mid-East for example.

The point is, we are indeed at a huge transition period for the world. And gold will rise from here. It will be tested if there is a big stock crash, but we think it will have a floor of around say $1000 in the worst case scenario. It will rally after that. But sans a world stock crash (which does not HAVE to happen) gold is going over $2000 in 2013.

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We have made many fantastic predictions for subscribers in the last two years, for example the USD bottom April 25, 2011, the CRB crash by a months’ notice, and many others, for example gold bottoming at $1625 in recent months and topping at $1800… just to name a couple. All by roughly a week’s notice.

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