Neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman appeared uninjured when he was being led into the police station a few minutes after shooting Florida teen Trayvon Martin, according to the new security video exclusively obtained by ABC News.

The video has now sparked debate over whether Zimmerman’s shooting was a case of self-defense. There are no visible signs of any injuries to his head or any blood stains on his clothes.

Zimmerman, seen wearing a red jacket in the video, was released without charges. He claims he shot Martin in self-defense after the teen attacked him on Feb. 26.

Zimmerman earlier told police that they both had an argument after which Martin punched him on his nose, jumped on top of him and repeatedly banged his head onto a sidewalk.

This certainly doesn't look like a man who police said had his nose broken and his head repeatedly smashed into the sidewalk, Ben Crump, Martin's family attorney, said in a statement.

George Zimmerman has no apparent injuries in this video, which dramatically contradicts his version of the events of February 26, he added.

But no blood or any injury on nose is visible in the video, which was taken by a police surveillance camera. The video form Sanford authorities was obtained by ABC News Network. Snaford police department later said that the video would be made available on the city's website.

In the video Zimmerman looks much thinner than his 2005 mug shot which is circulated in the media. He is seen with completely shaved head.

After the release of the video, Crump called it riveting and icing on the cake and said that Zimmerman should be held responsible for what happened to the 17-year-old Florida boy.

The 28-yerar-old watch captain was treated by the fire department at the scene, which raises the possibility that first aid stopped any bleeding, according to Orlando Sentinel.

Martin’s case has triggered nationwide protest from citizens, politicians and celebrities who have called for the arrest of Zimmerman. According to Zimmerman’s supporters, the watch captain has gone into hiding and he and his family are receiving death threats.