As Donald Trump continues to stall in the polls, it is becoming more and more clear that to win the election in November, he will need to widen his appeal. Trevor Noah does not think he is doing a very good job. 

On Comedy Central's "The Daily Show" Wednesday, Noah took aim at a speech Trump made Tuesday in which he addressed working class black voters who might feel left behind by the Obama administration. The comedian mocked Trump's arguably disingenuous pitch to black voters, starting with the fact that Trump's speech was given to a seemingly all white audience in Wisconsin. 

"He made a pitch directly to black voters — not near black voters, but to black voters," Noah joked.

Just over a month ago, Donald Trump was polling at a remarkable zero percent among likely black voters. But to win the White House, the GOP presidential nominee will not be able to rely on the strength of his white, working class base alone.

"You know things are bad when a rich white man is asking black people for help," Noah continued. "Normally, the only time a 70-year-old billionaire is asking black people for help, it's usually their nurse and it's usually because they s--- themselves — which, technically the Trump campaign has, so I guess it makes sense. 

Noah took particular offense at Trump's suggestion that the only reason why relations between police and black communities have deteriorated is the myth, propagated by the left, that police are racists. 

"Donald Trump is implying that the only reason black communities feel oppressed isn’t because of their experiences. No, it’s because of the Democrats who have tricked them," Noah said. "Like before that, black people didn’t know what was happening to them? Like black people were surprised when Democrats came and [were] like, ‘Wait, what? This is oppression? Oh, I thought the officer was massaging me with his nightstick! Oh, I didn’t know! Why thank you, Mr. Democrat.’"

The comedian debunked Trump's claim citing Justice Department investigations into multiple police departments across the country, most recently in Baltimore, that detailed how law enforcement routinely acts in a disproportionately aggressive manner towards African Americans. The report on the Baltimore Police Department found instances where officers were instructed to fabricate reasons to arrest black suspects, forced a woman to strip in the street during a search, and harassed black men with dozens of searches without finding evidence. 

On Tuesday, Trump painted a very different picture of race relations in the country, arguing that police offers by and large acted with no racial bias and that no police reform was necessary. 

"The narrative that has been pushed aggressively for years now by our current Administration, and pushed by my opponent Hillary Clinton, is a false one," Trump told supporters. "The problem in our poorest communities is not that there are too many police, the problem is that there are not enough police."