Expansion in the healthcare industry can be a tall order, unless your company specializes in providing financial solutions in that specific field. The healthcare industry is a sect of the economy that will never go away, in fact, more companies everyday are looking for ways to get involved. When these expansions happen, it usually isn’t on a large enough scale to have a huge impact on the economy, but affects those involved, creating a wonderful opportunity for investors. Whatever the case, expansion promotes positive growth for everyone, especially when it involves helping others.

Healthcare facilities that are more rural and are outside of normal urban hospital settings don’t always hear the word quality. Their ambulatory surgical centers, rural and surgical hospitals as well as other centers are just as open for growth and opportunity and there are companies that focus all of their attention on them.

These types companies don’t just offer assistance with technology and learning seminars, they concentrate on things like the recapitalization of the hospital’s balance sheet and expansion of existing services to the community. Tri-Isthmus Group, Inc. is doing just that. The company has just signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) to mutually acquire the fixed assets of the Liberty-Dayton Community Hospital in Southeastern Texas. They are also going to develop a new medical facility to serve the surrounding region. Tri-Isthmus has also signed an LOI with the current owner of the hospital operations to take a majority controlling ownership position.

One of the company’s primary goals is to provide financial, operational and technological services to healthcare facilities in non-urban markets. The advancements they have announced are going to take a strong hold in the market. It is these types of moves that Tri-Isthmus sees as expansion. Expansion in the communities they are helping, expanding by providing modern healthcare in rural healthcare environments. This ultimately leads to expansion within the company, then the market.