QR codes are continually being used by marketers on all levels to connect with consumers and purposefully grow consumer engagement and sales. The buzz surrounding QR codes has quieted to some degree recently, however, a new partnership between Triad Retail Media and Scanbury has solidified their usage among top digital marketers. Triad Retail Media is a company specializing in creating digital media campaigns and Scanbury Inc. is a mobile barcode solutions company. Their mutually-benefitting partnership will bring Scanbury's proprietary Scan-Life  barcodes to Triad's retail clients. This high-profile partnership pushes the relevance and importance of QR codes back to the fore-front, serving as an example to other businesses of all types to partner with SEO companies and internet marketers to utilize the technology.

According to Internet Retailer, there was an increase in consumer scanning in 2011 and retailers are moving to mobile barcodes for two main reasons: it lifts the consumer experience by creating more shopper engagement and transforming them to become more informed buyers, and it elevates the overall shopping experience for brand-loyal consumers.  Almost 30% of smartphones users have purchased an item online through their phone (ourmobileplanet.com), and many users who do so, do it with frequency. 

These numbers will only increase as smartphone adoption and mobile shopping continues to surge as well as the device remains a shopper's essential tool. Triad Retail Media CEO Greg Murtagh discusses this last point in relation to QR codes as quoted by Internet Retailer, saying, Smartphones have become a valuable resource for on-the-spot product information, and are a major influence for customers along the path to purchase, so it's important that brands incorporate a mobile strategy that utilizes innovative tools like QR codes.

Take-Away for Businesses

All businesses with an online presence, not just e-retailers, can benefit from incorporating QR codes into their marketing strategies. Beyond enhancing the consumer experience and the other above-mentioned benefits, marketers can:  

  • mbed an e-mail address within the code to enable direct communication
  • use QR codes to provide restaurants patrons with a fun and quick way to access review sites and give their valuable reviews and testimonials.
  • utilize analytics to learn who visited the businesses' website pages, what pages they went to, and which codes initiated their visit, among others.
  • combine QR codes with social media content and promotions, as well as other coordinated SEO and paid search campaigns to allow each facet to enhance the others.