Trio Gold Corp., a Calgary-based junior mining company, is focused on exploring, analyzing, and evaluating precious mineral properties around the world. With interests including gold, silver, and copper, the company pursues world-class reserves and deposits with significant mining potential and market value.

Exploration is an uncharted adventure well known for its unlimited possibilities. Trio attempts to maximize this potential by keeping its eye on the horizon, and balancing growth with responsibility. Dedicated people and a focused sense of direction have kept the company on course for discovering and developing some of the world’s most promising metal and mineral prospects.

Trio holds a 100% interest in the Rodeo Creek property which is located at the north end of the famed “Carlin Trend” in Elko County, Nevada. The property consists of 29 contiguous mineral claims, covering an area of 547 acres, and is considered to have very high potential for the discovery of one or more gold deposits similar to those currently being mined elsewhere on the Carlin Trend.

The company believes its strength continues to be its people. From experienced geologists and geochemists to knowledgeable entrepreneurs and financial administrators, Trio has built a team of highly qualified people that ensure the research and assessment of each property is accurate and precise.

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