True 2 Beauty Inc., a leading distributor of sexual potency pills and liquid products, was pleased to announce this morning that it has launched a new, additional line of sexual enhancement supplements for men and women under the brand Blue Diamond (for men) and Pink Diamond (for women). The pills are already being sold online and through retail channels; product began shipping in the past few weeks.

“We believe segmenting the market by creating targeted product brands, will allow growth across all demographics. Our flagship brand, Libigrow, although widely distributed, has been mostly focused on a mainstream audience; with Blue Diamond we believe we have created a look and feel that provides a clear differentiation. The packaging and website will be provided in multiple languages. There are many retail locations that serve a wide array of ethnic backgrounds. We strongly support the concept that we can have competing brands within the same retail location,” stated Alex Hbaiu, its CEO.

True 2 Beauty expects Blue Diamond sales to exceed $500,000 in its first 12 months, which should be accretive to existing Libigrow and Libigirl sales. The company will consider celebrity endorsements for the Blue Diamond brand as the line becomes more widely distributed. Currently, the line is sold directly to regional distributors by the company. “We are currently developing other lines of products, some of which may be appropriate under the umbrella of the Blue Diamond brand,” added Mr. Hbaiu.

Management told investors today that it anticipates 2nd quarter sales, which end April 30, to be in line with the company’s internally planned forecast. Further, it was said that the company will be announcing a very exciting opportunity that could potentially be another significant component of future growth. This information is to be released during an upcoming conference call which will be announced in the coming weeks.

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