True 2 Beauty, manufacturer and distributor of 100% natural non-prescription sexual enhancement products, considers itself exceptional in its product positioning and its related marketing and distribution potential.

One of the key reasons for this is the company’s strength relative to the competition. True 2 Beauty currently offers the LibiGrow product line for men, and the LibiGirl line for women, in addition to 6 different energy shots. The LibiGrow and LibiGirl products are unique in their all-natural ingredient mix, especially when compared to various products made outside the U.S., some of which are laced with a form of Viagra and are under constant pressure from the FDA. The FDA recently required one competitive company to remove all of its products from shelves nationwide due to harmful chemicals. And there is essentially no competition for True 2 Beauty’s LibiShots energy shot products.

In addition, unlike prescription products like Viagra, True 2 Beauty’s products are easy to get and are not focused on one sex or age group. They cover a wide demographic and can be purchased online or at thousands of stores nationwide.

From a distribution and marketing standpoint, True 2 Beauty has signed Kretek International to handle all retail distribution in the U.S., offering a 40,000 retail site potential. Direct-to-consumer online sales and distribution, the most potentially profitable channel, is controlled by True 2 Beauty. The company is rapidly expanding its web and social networking presence, and is also developing celebrity endorsements and event promotions.

True 2 Beauty’s sales, which are already strong, are expected to grow significantly, and the company is already in the process of a major production scale up to meet demand, with a completely new and much larger manufacturing facility in City of Commerce, California.

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