One of the best ways to understand the strategy and long term direction of any company is to evaluate its history and the history of the people who are responsible for that long term direction. In the case of True 2 Beauty, the key factor is the company’s founder and CEO, Alex Hbaiu.

Hbaiu was a biochemist working with Eli Lily, the 11th largest pharmaceutical company in the world ranked by revenue. It was there that he began to perceive a growing demand in the marketplace for sexual enhancement products that were made from 100% natural ingredients, safe to use and not requiring a prescription. In 2004, Hbaiu founded True 2 Beauty and purchased the rights to the LibiGrow line of products he had worked with while at LibiGrow, Inc., where he had created a series of aggressive new sales strategies.

The LibiGrow products are an easy to procure and use, cost effective solution to sexual enhancement issues, representing a growing market estimated in the multi-billions. The products have no known side effects, and, together with the company’s LibiGirl line, target a much wider and younger demographic than standard ED products.

True 2 Beauty grew rapidly, based largely on word-of-mouth advertising. By 2009, the product was available at over 5,000 retail locations, and production was unable to keep up with demand. Far from taking a conservative approach, Hbaiu saw this as a solid indication of market potential and chose to begin an ongoing effort to develop new marketing strategies, including new distribution agreements, event promotions, and celebrity endorsements. At the same time, the company took major steps to increase production, covering anticipated as well as existing sales, a still undergoing expansion. The goal now is to produce in a couple of hours what they used to produce in an entire day.

Today, the company’s marketing and production scale-up are in synch, with a new production facility in City of Commerce, California, and a new 40,000 site distribution agreement with Kretek International. Hbaiu’s strategy is to continue with a carefully coordinated growth of marketing and production, allowing True 2 Beauty to become the dominant player in a still relatively new market.

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