True 2 Beauty Inc., a leading distributor of male and female sexual potency pills and liquid products in the United States, announced its first exhibition directly to 7-Eleven store owners in Southern California and Washington, representing over 700 stores, in partnership with Kretek International, its exclusive distributor in the United States.

“Kretek has been steadily expanding our distribution over the past 60 days; these two shows are representative of their ability to bring exposure for our products to large scale retail chains. Their preexisting and successful ongoing relationship with 7-Eleven offers us the kind of entre we would be unable to secure on our own at this stage of our company’s growth,” stated Alex Hbaiu, CEO. “We believe these shows will generate orders for most if not all of these stores.”

“Further,” continued Mr. Hbaiu, “Our ongoing execution of our stated business plan is beginning to show synergy across all of our marketing platforms. Our first television commercial is finished and ready for airing, and we have decided to make a second version that will have a stronger direct response call to action, in order to determine which type of commercial generates the best response; both should begin airing within 2-3 weeks. We believe we are very close to signing multiple celebrities to endorse our male and female products, which we are hoping to announce very shortly. As mentioned previously, our online marketing campaign is beginning this week, we will provide more updates once the program is underway.”

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