Are you ready for the Season 7 premiere of “True Blood”? After six years on the air, the hit HBO series is coming to a close. But those hoping for a happy ending for the poor folks of Bon Temps shouldn’t hold their breath. According to executive producer Brian Buckner, “heads are gonna roll.”

Death is nothing new on “True Blood.” Since Season 1 our “heroes” have battled the “eviler” in the world, and viewers have been forced to say goodbye (and the occasional welcome back) to a handful of favorite characters. Season 7 will be no different when it comes to body count. However Buckner did reveal to Entertainment Weekly that the final season will not have a big bad villain.

“There are certain things I don’t believe we can top,” Buckner explained of the decision. “So the writers and I decided from the get-go that we’re not going to take screen time away from our series regulars to build a new character who becomes the focus of the season.”

The Hep-V virus infecting vampires will be the main concern this season, and with good reason. Since its introduction in Season 6, the virus brutally claimed the life of Nora and put countless of humans and vampires at risk. The Virus has seemingly no cure and with rabid vampires on the loose, no one is safe … which makes the Hep-V virus one of the best “villains” that “True Blood” has had to date.

To honor the Season 7 premiere of “True Blood” we’re taking a walk (or sprint in some cases) down memory lane to remember the best and worst villains to stomp through Bon Temps:


Russell Edgington

True Blood Russell Edgington Photo: HBO

Russell Edgington was hands down our favorite villain on “True Blood.” Making his first appearance in Season 3 as the Vampire King of Mississippi, he stole our hearts (literally) when he flipped his sanity switch after the death of his lover, Talbot. Fans will remember his most memorable moment when he interrupted a live newscast and ripped the heart out the reporter.

By the end of Season 3 Eric and Bill teamed up to eliminate Russell. However Russell didn’t meet the true death. Instead they decided to bury him alive under cement. He made a big return in Season 5, joining the Sanguinista movement, a group of vampires who believe they should feed on humans.

The Fellowship of the Sun

The Fellowship of the Sun introduced another two of our favorite characters – Steve and Sarah Newlin. The husband and wife team ran the Light of Day Institute, which aimed to prepare members for “Vampire Armageddon.”

Governor Truman Burrell

Governor Truman Burrell was a nasty villain for the vampires … but he didn’t last long. The Governor of Louisiana was introduced in Season 6 as an anti-vampire supporter. His feelings towards those with fangs stemmed from an affair that his wife had with a vampire. With the help of Sarah Newlin, he started up a vampire experimentation camp to figure out the weakness of vampires and unearth other ways to kill them.

Burrell’s evil ways eventually caught up to him. Bill Compton tore off his head in broad daylight.


Lorena was Bill’s maker and appeared in Season 2 and 3. Jealous over Sookie’s relationship with Bill, Lorena tried numerous times to kill the faerie. Her awe over Sookie’s faerie blood ended up distracting her enough for Bill to overpower her and allow Sookie the opportunity to stake her.


True Blood Debbie Photo: HBO

Debbie had her ups and downs throughout her three seasons on “True Blood.” The on-and-off girlfriend of Alcide, Debbie was mixed up with a bad crowd and started doing V. Debbie became jealous of Sookie when she saw her hanging around with Alcide. The pair got into a physical fight that resulted in Sookie cutting her face with a pair of scissors.

Debbie eventually cleaned up her act, got back together with Alcide, and apologized to Sookie. However she relapsed after Alcide caught her with their pack leader, Marcus. Blaming Sookie for all her problems, Debbie broke her into her house and tried to shoot her with a shotgun. Unfortunately her plan backfired when Tara jumped in front of the bullet. Sookie ended up turning the gun on Debbie and ending her life.



Warlow was supposed to be this big bad and ugly monster that wanted Sookie. That was far from the case when he made his first appearance in Season 6. Instead the vampire faerie hybrid acted like a love struck teenager. He did end up showing his ugly violent side by the end of the season when Sookie suggested that they go on a couple of dates before jumping into an eternal life together.

Bud Dearborne

In Season 5 the former sheriff of Bon Temps was revealed to be one of the ringleaders of a local anti-vampire group. The vigilantes in his group wore Obama masks and tried to feed Sookie and Hoyt to some pigs. Bud was shot in the chest by Andy.


Maryann was a mysterious creature called a Maenad that had the power to make people participate in human orgies. Bill and Sam concocted a plan for her to let down her immortality, resulting in Sam shifting into a bull and impaling her.

Marnie/ Antonia Gavilán

True Blood Marnie Photo: HBO

Antonia Gavilán was a witch during the 17th century that was abused by vampires. She created a spell that would force vampires to expose themselves in the light, and ended up getting burned at the stake. Her spirit took over the body of a witch named Marnie, and she continued her plan to seek revenge against the vampires.


René tricked everyone in town into thinking he was a great guy. In reality he was the fangbanger serial killer responsible for killing Gran. He tried to kill Sookie, but Sookie managed to turn the tables on him and kill him with a shovel.

Episode 1 of True Blood" will premiere on Sunday, June 22 at 9 p.m. EDT. Who is your favorite “True Blood” villain? Send a tweet to @AmandaTVScoop.