After a few lethargic episodes, True Blood came back with undeniable vengeance. "Gone, Gone, Gone" was by far the most compelling episode yet. It was action-packed, the plot progressed at the perfect drool-inducing pace, and it even tugged at the heart-strings.

The episode commenced with Mike Spencer of the coroner's office showing up at Sookie's door and blurting out "I'm here to pick up the body."  "What body" a noticeably confused Sookie replied. "Yours" said Spencer with fangs fully extended and ready to strike. The two struggled and Sookie staked him with a dulled pair of chopsticks. And that's how Mike Spencer came to be no more. We wish we could say we'll miss him.

Russell Edgington revealed his true colors, and it was about time. We knew the hot-tempered maniac couldn't keep his faux devotion to Lilith for very much longer. But before he declared his true intention, which is to walk in daylight after harnessing the blood of the Fae -- he slow danced with new boy toy Steve Newlin to the tunes of Katy Perry's "We'll Be Young Forever"-- That Russell.

Maxine Fortenberry was an absolute pleasure to watch during her brief appearance on last night's episode. Her distaste for baby vamp Jessica reached a new pinnacle of hilarity when she referred to her as "a cheeto-headed tramp." We are still in stitches.

The most heartbreaking scene of the episode was Hoyt asking Jessica to wipe both herself and Jason (along with the searing why-doesn't-Jessica-love-me-anymore pain from the center of his chest) from his memory before leaving to Alaska. After much pleading, and a few heart-wrenching glances, Jess agreed. He left town with the false certainty that he has never been in love. Frankly, we had enough of Hoyt sulking over Jessica's affair with Jason. The producers gave him a veteran's farewell.

Speaking of goodbyes, Bill staked Molly, the Authorities' resident techie, with a staking device she constructed.

Bill doesn't seem to be relenting one bit, with each episode he sinks deeper into the dark side. He truly believes the religious psycho babble Salome has been shoveling down his throat. We're hoping he sees the light by the end of the season, for his sake. Is it us or do the Sanguinistas remind you of Jehovah witnesses?

After much physical and psychological torture, Eric decided to pledge his allegiance to Lilith, but we don't believe him, neither does Russell.

At last-we've figured out what Jason is good at. He may not have the smarts but he is a sleuth extraordinaire. We may be getting ahead of ourselves, but he did discover the not-so-secret hidden place of the mystery object Gran alluded to (via Lafayette's medium abilities), which turns out to be a scroll. Wait for it - the scroll is a pact that sold Sookie to Warlow, the vampire which materialized in her bathroom and gave her the scare of her life a few episodes ago. Somehow, we think this Warlow might be even more powerful than big bad Russell Edgington. With only two episodes left, we can't wait to meet this mysterious new vamp. We don't think Sookie would feel the same.