Is it us or did True Blood's penultimate episode "Sunset" seemed a bit subdued? Still, there were some riveting twists and turns that held us in abeyance until next week's finale.

Lilith, whom we still aren't convinced is real, played a devilish game on the members of the Authority. First, she told Bill he was the Chosen one to lead the vampire race to whatever delusional pathway, then, she granted Salome and Kibwe the same title. With Kibwe no longer in the picture since he was beheaded by a jealous Bill, that leaves the battle of (faux) Messiah down to Bill and Salome.

Is that a hint of betrayal upon the horizon? It smells positively sinful.

Sookie's introduction to the Fae Elder was just plain weird. Instead of a sage figure, we got an ADHD Fae with an affinity for spewing trivial pop culture references. She dodged all of Sookie's important questions, like, who's this mysterious vampire named Warlow my great grandfather sold me to?  Her words of wisdom for the embattled Sook was "Kesha? For or against?"

Jessica's plan to manipulate daddy Bill failed miserably as she couldn't lie her way out of her false proposal to turn Jason. To ensure she would complete the job, Bill made sure she was accompanied by two armed guards, who were more than willing to turn Jason in the event she relented. Once she tracked Jason, the two quickly developed a tragedy to eliminate the two guards. Jess pretended to drain Jason and as the two were buried together, she gave him the word, in which he aptly discharged two wooden bullets into the men.

Afterwards, Jessica sought solace at Fangtasia. Pam, who has been running the establishment since being released by her maker, Eric, refused to help but when she mentioned she knew of Eric's whereabouts, a coffin was immediately reserved for the baby vamp. Later on, Rosalyn, a lesser member of the Authority, showed up looking for her progeny, Elijah (which Tara beheaded last episode). Being the dutiful mother, Pam takes the rap for Tara and along with Jessica is whisked away to the Authority headquarters.

A glamored Jason led Russell Edgington along with Steve Newlin, his new boy toy, to the site of the entrance of the faerie realm. Incited by the scent of Fairy blood in the open air, the twosome began darting to-and-fro in an attempt to track the delectable aroma.When Edgington threatened to kill Jason, the Elder fairy decided to face him. Holding her own, she zapped Newlin with an impressive display of light which Edgington referred to as "Turbocharged." Alas, she was no match for the nearly 3000-year-old vampire as he turned her into Fairy chow.

"Sweet merciful f---, that was delicious," Russell said with visions of fairies assembled in a silver platter doing intricate somersaults in his head. "Heaven, thy name is faerie."  Lo and behold, the entrance to the fairy club suddenly appeared, likely due to the remnants of the Elder Fairy still lodged into  Edgington's sharpened incisors."Why, thank you so much," Russell said, eyes glistening from hunger. "I'd love to come to dinner." He quipped before surging towards his prey.