Sunday night's episode of "True Blood" may have been intense, but it looks like heads are really going to roll during next week's episode nine, "Everybody Wants to Rule the World."

In episode eight, "True Blood" fans saw Bill siding with Team Lilith. The once level headed vampire even voiced a plan to bomb all True Blood factories, forcing mainstreaming vampires to look to humans for nourishment. If you thought Bill's unusual loyalty was just part of a plot to escape, then think again.

Eric, once known for being rash and unpredictable, seems to have stepped into the good guy shoes this season. "I don't know what kind of game you're playing Bill," Eric starts to tell Bill before being cut off by the King of Louisiana. "It's not a game," Bill says seriously. "Everything I believed in has been turned upside down."

In fact it seems like the whole town of Bon Temps has been turned upside down.

Hoyt's brief encounter with a mysterious man with a gun this past Sunday will lead to him being unconscious, bloody and dragged through a barn. Meanwhile Jessica, who has tried so hard to shake her former puppy dog lover is now feeling sorry and blaming herself for his disappearance.

Russell on the other hand has finally filled the void that his deceased lover Talbot left behind, and that void is filled by none other than new vampire Reverend Steve Newlin. The pair take a trip down to celebrate with the Shrevport wolf pack, who just welcomed the drugged up JD as their new pack master.

Salome too has seemed to take on a new commanding role, telling Bill that the two of them will birth a new world together. If she meant birth a new world of fear then she is right on target. A vampire uprising spurs a visit to the Pam run Fangtasia, where a long haired vampire tells the crowd to "grab a human, drinks are on me." The question is will Pam and Tara try to stop it...or will they join in?

No matter how serious the drama is, it always comes back to one thing...or one person. "What about Sookie?" Eric asks Bill.

Judging by the clip of a naked Bill on top of Sookie with fangs out, I'd say Sookie is a delicious dinner.

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