Warning: Spoilers ahead!

On Sunday night, "True Blood" fans sat on the edge of their seats for the season five finale. If when the credits hit the screen and you were too busy shaking the person next to you and yelling "WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!" then your in luck, because we have the special season five bonus scene.

Viewers will remember that after the security massacre within the Vampire Authority, and the freeing of Pam and Jess, Eric and Sookie forced everyone to get back in the elevator while they went back for Bill.

The special season five bonus scene for episode 12, "Save Yourself," shows something that the actual episode didn't reveal -- with tension high, what exactly happened in the elevator on the way up.

Despite being told that Jason could never love her because she is a vampire, Jess uses her time in the elevator to try to comfort him over his sister staying behind. Her words are lost on him though, as he stands silently in a dazed manor.

Nora warns them of the danger that awaits them upstairs though, and the the elevator gang preps for another battle.

"You better not go and get yourself killed, you hear?" Tara warns Pam. "'Cause you and I've got a date. It's been a long time coming."

As the seconds in the elevator tick by, viewers realize that Eric is not actually dazed, but instead listening to his dead parents.

"You got 11 of them, champ. We counted," his dad proudly tells him. His mom repeats the praise, "11 soul-less fangers dead for good. I'm so proud of you."

Eventually the compliments from his parents turn back to crazy talk. "You just keep taking them out until you get that motherf--ker Warlow," Jason's dad tells him aggressively. "You've got four of them here. Easy pickin's."

Fortunately before Jason has the chance to really think through the foolish suggestion, the doors of the elevator open. Seemingly entering an empty room, a vampire quickly charges at the group, but is killed (again) by Jason.

Jason begins to go up a staircase, prepping himself for action by saying out loud "I'm coming for you, Warlow."

His concentration is broken though, when Nora overhears him and asks, "Warlow? What do you know about Warlow?"

Watch the season five finale bonus scene below.

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