(Warning: Contains spoilers) Last summer, season four of True Blood killed off a number of characters, and left the fate of others hanging in the air. Jesus, Nan, Tommy, Marcus and Marnie (among plenty others) all bit the dust. When the season returns this June we'll discover the outcome of Tara's (Rutina Wesley) fatal looking encounter with Debbie (Brit Morgan).

Take a look at some of the spoilers that have been released for season five of True Blood.

New Faerie In Town

The British Royal family seems to be infiltrating the upcoming season of HBO's blood draining hit show. Camilla Luddington, known for her portrayal of Kate Middleton in Lifetime's made-for-TV movie, William and Kate, has been cast as a faerie in season five.

Luddington will have a reoccurring role in the latest season. According to Deadline.com, Luddington will play Claudette, one of Claude's (Giles Matthey) many sisters, who gives Sookie (Anna Paquin) insight into what it means to be a faerie.

Bill Takes A Turn Behind The Camera

A casting call for episode 508 has revealed that Stephen Moyer, who plays Vampire Bill, will be directing the episode entitled Somebody That I Used To Know. According to IMDB, the call is looking to cast the following characters:

Reggie: Caucasian male. Mid 20's to early 30's. Good looking redneck. Member of a trashy, low-rent anti-vampire hate group.

Sarah Compton-Harris: Caucasian female. 70's to 80's. Elderly and frail due to cancer. Close to death.

Ryder: Wolf. Addresses the Shreveport pack as they face a change in leadership.

Lady Pack member: Female member of the wolf pack makes a wry suggestion at a meeting.

Sean: College age. Runner qualities. Sean is a university track star who's put in the terrifying position of having to out-run a wolf pack.

Female: Caucasian. 20's. Begs for life as she is fed on by a vampire.

Sam: Double to Sam Trammell. 5'9 1/2 - 5'10 155-160 lbs. 38 chest. Actor ,ust look just like Sam Trammell.

Guess Who's Back

True Blood's teaser said that nothing stays buried in Bon Temps. That must mean one thing, Russell Edgington (Denis O'Hare) is back. Raelle Tucker, co-executive producer for the show confirmed to Entertainment Weekly that Russell is not dead. It's safe to assume the kind of Mississippi is not gone for good, said Tucker.

Another spoiler is that former Fellowship of the Sun Leader Steve Newlin (Michael McMillian) will also reappear...but not as the jesus loving, vampire hating preacher. Newlin will be returning as a vampire to pay a visit to Jason Stackhouse (Ryan Kwanten). I will say that Steve's reason for returning to Jason is not all what you expect, Tucker teases.