In a world full of supernatural creatures, it’s easy for “True Blood” to bring characters back from the dead -- and that’s (kind of) what the HBO series is doing in episode nine, “Life Matters.” A sneak-peek video of episode nine has leaked online, and fans will definitely be surprised at who makes an appearance.

The video clip shows Andy and Sam out in the field where the young Bellefleur boys used to play. “Brought somebody to see ya,” Andy yells out to a mysterious person while Sam stands beside him. “You remember Sam Merlotte?” Andy gets no response, so he tells Sam to talk to the hidden person.

“Hey Terry, if you can hear me, I own a bar, it’s called Merlottes,” Sam shouts. “My distributor was able to find some of that beer you were telling your cousin about, ‘Raging B---h.’ Had some myself last night -- it’s really f--kin’ good.”

“Thought we’d all go fishing,” Andy continues as a man creeps out from behind them. “Knock back a few.”

“I’ll fish,” a muddy and camouflage-wearing Terry Bellefleur says to the men.

So, is Terry back from the dead? Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem so.

The sneak peek is titled “Meeting Terry,” and, since he had the misfortune of being fatally shot in episode six, we’re pretty sure that “Life Matters” will be showing a flashback of Terry. (Another major clue? Sam is not “a silver fox” in the video.)

That’s not the only sneak peek that has leaked online for episode nine. A second video titled, “Scent Of A Werewolf,” reveals that Terry’s funeral will finally be taking place -- and it’s a big town affair. Sookie awkwardly walks past Sam and Nicole to take the two seats by Ms. Fortenberry (Hoyt’s mother) and Ms. Boathouse.

“How’s Hoyt doing by the way?” she asks. “He’s doing real good,” his mother responds. “He has a girlfriend and everything -- ugly as sin but at least she’s not a red-headed bloodsucker.”

The ladies are interrupted when a dapper-looking Alcide approaches. “Well, don’t you look handsome all dressed up,” Sookie says with surprise in her voice. “I guess it takes a funeral to tame the beast within.”

A smiling Alcide asks if the seat next to her is taken, and Sookie is forced to turn him down. “Actually, I was saving it for Jason, but I haven’t seen him yet,” Sookie tells him. Understanding, Alcide walks away -- and Ms. Boathouse and Ms. Fortenberry immediately go to town.

“Now he smells like a man,” Ms. Boathouse says. “He does,” agrees a frazzled Ms. Fortenberry. “Who is he?!”

Only two episodes in season six of “True Blood” remain. Episode nine, “Life Matters,” will be shown on HBO this Sunday at 9 p.m. EDT.