The promo video for “True Blood’s” season six finale is out and it is 35 seconds of mass confusion and chaos. While episode nine, “Life Matters,” seemed to have wrapped everything up in a nice bow … episode 10, “Radioactive,” teases that “It’s. Not. Over.”

“There are roaming bands of sick and hungry vampires out there and they’re on the march,” a man warns a congregation of people. He is of course referring to the vampires infected with Hep V that Eric set loose from Governor Burrell’s camp. Although viewers know that the Hep V is deadly for infected vampires, can the humans survive the night before the sick vampires meet their true death? Or will they somehow be saved?

Bill was too late in trying to deliver Warlow’s blood to a Hep V infected Nora, but Bill and Eric haven’t tried to cure the sick again. As fans saw in episode nine, Bill’s “Warlow Blood” can prevent vampires from burning in the sun … so could that same blood also cure Hep V? “You have the opportunity to make this right,” Jessica says to Bill in the promo.

Whatever does  happen with the Hep V vampires, we do know that the season six finale will definitely be non-stop drama:

-Warlow appears to be making some weird marriage ceremony thing in the faerie world – which leads us to wonder if he’s just going to hide out up there with Sookie for the rest of eternity.

-Sookie and Jason will finally be reunited, but who knows for how long.

-Sookie’s poor house gets a beating every year. The promo shows the Stackhouse residence under attack, with someone busting through an upstairs window, Jason drawing a gun on an intruder and Sookie using her faerie power to zap someone out of her house.

-It’s war. Andy seems to finally be fed up with vampires attacking his daughter. “We’re going in heavy,” he tells Jason. “Man, there ain’t no othe rway,” Jason fires back.

-What looks like Tara’s mom (who reappeared in episode nine at Terry’s funeral) can be seen crying in the video and holding someone – could it be Tara? Or maybe Lafayette?

-Sookie may be going through with her promise to commit herself to Warlow. The video shows her lying down and accepting blood from someone.

-Alcide may have left his wolf pack but he’s not done with his wolf-y ways. The former pack master can be seen with “wolf eyes” – but whether it’s to fight his own kind of the sick vampires is unknown.

-The vampires that Bill saved are still high on Warlow’s blood, and will continue their dancing and stripping in the sun.

-The promo video for episode 10, “Radioactive,” concludes with Sookie telling someone, “I can’t give you back what you lost.”

The season six finale of “True Blood” will air on HBO on Sunday, Aug. 18 at 9 p.m. What do you think will happen in episode 10, “Radioactive?” Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.