With only a few episodes remaining in the sixth season of “True Blood,” the eighth episode, “Dead Meat,” went straight to the drama. The Aug. 4 episode picked up with Eric grieving over the death of Nora to Hep V and blaming Bill and Sookie.

Going a bit crazy due to his grief, Eric challenges Bill. But Bill will have none of it. Eric runs off, but Bill is still bent on following through with their plan to retrieve Warlow and use his blood to save the vampires at camp.

Sookie's still thinking about Bill’s deal and heads back to Warlow to tell him about her daytime visit from her ex. Asking him to do something for Bill, Warlow is immediately on the defensive, asking Sookie if she still has feelings for him. Reassuring Warlow by telling him, “Hell no,” the hybrid vampire is still wary about helping Bill. “You realize Bill wants to kill me?” he asks, but Sookie promises Warlow that she’ll make sure that Bill won't harm him.

Warlow has his own set of rules, though. “If I do this I want you to be mine forever,” he tells her, but Sookie doesn’t like the ultimatum. “It’s a proposal,” Warlow continues. “I love you, Sookie Stackhouse. I’ve loved you for nearly 6,000 years … I don’t want to wait to start my eternity with you.”

It’s a lot for Sookie to think about, and she’s not the only one in a tough situation. After being thrown in the female general population by Sarah Newlin, Jason has found himself being controlled by a vampire named Violet. Although Tara and Willa want to protect him, Jason’s like a bone to Violet’s angry dog. “If I say you are mind then you are mine forever,” she says, after telling him that she’ll find him when and wherever she wants. “Even if we get out of here?” he asks. And although Violet doesn’t respond, her serious look says it all.

Jess and James are in a similar “eternity” situation, but fortunately the feelings are mutual between them. But they have no time to bask in the head-over-heels feelings for each other after James pops Jessica’s vampire sex cherry. Guards quickly separate them, and on Jessica’s way back to general population one she’s reunited with Pam – who just had sex with her psychiatrist. “Boozy, but productive,” Pam tells Jessica.

James, on the other hand, is trying to avoid drinking the TruBlood that the camp is handing out when he’s approached by Steve Newlin (who isn’t that popular inside the camp). Introducing himself to James, Steve tells him that he hasn’t felt this unpopular since eighth grade. Feeling bad for Steve, James warns him not to drink the TruBlood right before he’s about to take a sip.

Back in Bon Temps, Lafayette finally tells Arlene about the $2 million life insurance policy that Terry left in the safety deposit box. Confused because she knew that Terry didn't have a life insurance policy, everything starts to make sense when she learns that he took it out a couple days before his death. Arlene quickly realizes that Terry had set up his death and blames herself and Adilyn for leading Terry in that direction.

Sookie, on the other hand, is trying to piece together her life and figure out if she’s okay with turning into a vampire in order to save her vampire friends. Going to Bill, Sookie asks him what he wants to do with Warlow. Bill explains that he would bring Warlow to the vampire camp so that he could feed everyone in the white room so that they wouldn’t burn in the sun. “And after that?” Sookie asks, questioning if Bill would kill him. But Bill assures her that no harm will come to him … strictly because the doctor he kidnapped hasn't figure out how to recreate Warlow’s blood.

Angry that Sookie is taking so much time to think about this, Sookie informs her ex that Warlow wants to make her into his faerie vampire bride. But instead of getting sympathy from the man who once proposed to her, Bill tells her that it “seems quite fair” since Warlow would be doing them such a large favor. Disgusted with Bill’s answer, Sookie stalks off to think about her choices.

Meanwhile, Alcide is having some pack problems after Rikki discovers he lied about killing Sam and Nicole. With Nicole and her mother tied up, Rikki challenges Alcide, getting two other female wolves to back her. Although Alcide is weary about fighting her, Rikki doesn’t back down, telling her pack master that she doesn’t think he has what it takes to fight to the death. Alcide snaps, attacking her and ultimately giving her a good beat down. Unfortunately, Rikki is right – and he can’t finish her off. Leaving the pack, Alcide is able to return Nicole and her mother safely to Sam.

After their traumatic time in Bon Temps, Nicole’s mother wants to leave. But Sam realizes that Nicole can’t leave once he catches her “scent” – she’s pregnant with his child. Telling Nicole that he loves her and wants her to stay, Nicole expresses the same feelings … without Sam telling her that she’s pregnant.

In the middle of confessing their love, they’re interrupted by Sookie who's bent on talking to Sam right that second. Confused about Warlow’s proposal, Sookie tells Sam that she always thought they’d end up together and that she’d be willing to throw her ball of vampire attracting faerie light away. Sam is pretty angry at Sookie’s confession, yelling at her that she never cared and always kept him waiting in the wings. Telling her about Nicole’s pregnancy, they both say goodbye to each other – potentially for good.

At the camp, some of the officials are noticing that a few vampires aren't drinking the laced TruBlood. Informing Sarah Newlin, who's now in charge after Burrell’s death, she makes the guards bring in her ex-husband to torture the information out of him. Realizing he’s weak (his torturer is making him run on a hamster wheel), Steve quickly tells Sarah that they know they’re putting Hep V in the TruBlood and that he’s “really scared.” Sarah demands Steve give up the person who told him, and although Steve briefly resists naming his friend, he tells Sarah that it was James. Done with getting information out of Steve, she makes the guards throw him and James into a white room – the same white room that Bill envisioned.

While James and Steve are in a white room, Arlene's starting to act like she should be put in one. At the funeral home with Holly, Andy, his grandmother, and his sister Portia, Arlene is shocked to hear that Terry’s grandmother wants a 21-gun salute at his funeral. Yelling that her husband was shot dead by a gun, Arlene leaves the building in a huff.

Telling Andy that she won’t take Terry’s money and that she thinks she knows who killed him, Arlene demands that the man be brought to justice. But Andy tells her that the end result will have no winner but the insurance company.

Sookie believes she’s in a no-win situation as well. Still mulling over her big decision, she heads to the graveyard to visit her parents. “Death ain’t the end anymore,” she tells their graves. “Death is just a f***in’ pit stop on a road that keeps on going with no end in sight.” Angry that her thoughts of her parents have been lies all these years, Sookie makes up her mind – telling them that she’s rather walk the earth as a corpse than spend eternity lying dead at their sides.  

With the decision made up, Sookie begins to put some things in order. After leaving Jason a voicemail about Terry’s death and asking about Niall, she calls Bill and tells him to pick her up in an hour.

Meanwhile at the vampire camp, the “spokesb**ch” behind TruBlood has finally realized that something fishy is going on with their product. Demanding that she see Governor Burrell, she’s instead met by Sarah who tries to play the “strong woman” card to calm her down. Brushing past Sarah, the TruBlood spokeswoman finds the machines lacing the synthetic blood. Walking off to call the FDA, Sarah attacks her from behind, trying to snap her neck. Failing to kill her, both women run – but in heels. Ending up stuck in a room about some male vampires, the TruBlood spokeswoman gets her heels stuck in a grate, allowing Sarah Newlin the perfect time to attack. Taking her head from behind, Sarah begins to bash her face into the grate, stirring the vampires into a frenzy over the dripping blood. Eventually, a vampire jumps on the grate, feeding on the woman’s face, and Sarah rips one of her heels off to stab her in the head repeatedly. With the TruBlood spokeswoman definitely dead, Sarah begins to cry … and thanks Jesus.

Pam, Tara, Jessica, Willa and Violet are NOT thanking Jesus when a little fight over Jason and not drinking TruBlood results in all five of them being thrown into the same white room as Steve and James. But Eric still has plans to rescue his progeny – with or without Bill’s help. Finding Adilyn after she snuck out of her house to hang out with Holly’s two sons. Eric glamours Holly’s kids and feeds on a frightened Adilyn.

As Eric drinks the half-faerie’s blood, Sookie (dressed in black) meets with Bill to take him to Warlow. Asking Sookie why she changed her mind, Sookie tells Bill that “destiny is too much a b**ch to keep fighting.” Taking his hands in hers, they go into the faerie world only to discover that someone got to Warlow first. Warlow is barely alive, and Bill realizes that Eric is the culprit.

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