“True Blood’s” sixth season came to a close Sunday with episode 10, “Radioactive.” The season finale picked up after Terry’s funeral with Alcide and Sookie going for a stroll through the cemetery. Check out the top 12 moments from the season-six finale:

1. Warlow’s True Intentions Revealed

Warlow is planning his faerie marriage ceremony when Sookie returns from Terry’s funeral. While she did promise herself to Warlow, she tells the hybrid vampire that “a lot has changed.”

“You’ve been gone for four hours,” he tells her, confused. Sookie’s not trying to break things off completely with him, but with the threat gone she doesn’t see the rush to turn into a vampire and spend eternity with him.

Proposing that they date for a while, Warlow exposes his true intentions. Slapping her across the face after the suggestion of drive-in movies and hanging out in Bon Temps, Warlow warns her that she doesn’t know who she’s talking to. Explaining that he’s waited 5,500 years to own her and use her blood, Warlow is not interested in dating.

2. Bill’s Sookie Feelings

Bill may have acted like a total tool with respect to Sookie all season, but he’s finally starting to realize the mistake he made in forcing her to Warlow. After Bill tells Jessica how Sookie sacrificed herself for Warlow’s blood, Jessica tells Bill that she must go save her.

Enlisting the help of Jason and Violet, the crew realizes their only hope is asking Andy’s daughter for help in getting into the faerie world.

3. Bill Vs. Warlow

Adelynn wants to help Sookie, and her determination makes Andy cave. Arming themselves with weapons, the whole group heads to the cemetery where Violet scares Adelynn into accessing the faerie world.

While Sookie tries to throw her ball of light away, Warlow is able to stop her. Beginning to drink from her, he’s cut short when Bill and the others find them. As Violet and Jason rescue Sookie, Bill and Warlow begin to brawl. But Bill doesn’t have Lilith’s power anymore and is no match for the hybrid faerie.

Jason and Violet manage to get Sookie back to her house, but Warlow has access to the home. Zapping all the vampires with his faerie light, Warlow once again manages to get Sookie alone. “In a thousand to two thousand years you’ll learn to love me,” he tells her.

4. Grandpa’s Back And Warlow Is ...

But before Warlow can once again sink his fangs into Sookie, Grandpa Niall is back from the portal Warlow shoved him through. Like Warlow last season, Niall reaches through the portal to grab him, giving Jason enough time to grab a stake and drive it through Warlow’s heart.

Warlow meets the true death, and Jason and Sookie grab their grandfather and drag him back into their world.

5. Eric’s Fate

With Warlow gone for good, all the vampires begin to lose the ability to walk in the daylight. Fortunately for the vampires in Bon Temps, it is nighttime. Unfortunately for Eric, he’s not in Bon Temps.

“True Blood” viewers learn that after Eric zoomed off from the vampire camp he headed to Sweden -- where he was hanging out naked on the snowy mountains reading. With Warlow’s blood gone, Eric quickly burst into flames.

But is Eric going to meet the true death? Pam left Tara to go find her maker, but “True Blood” fans will have to wait until season seven to see if she got to him in time.


6. Bill’s An Author

Six months after the drama with Warlow, Bill is now an author of a book called “And God Bled.” In a TV interview, Bill tells the world that he “was” God, and discusses not only Hep V -- but how he murdered Governor Burrell. And while the TV interviewer asks if he’s worried about admitting to the crime, Bill stands by his belief that Governor Burrell deserved it for the invention and spread of Hep V.

7. Sookie’s New Love Interest

Although Bill seemed to realize he still had feelings for Sookie after saving her from Warlow, Sookie doesn’t end up with the vampire. Instead she ends up with -- Alcide!

8. Jason And Violet

Surprisingly, Jason is still with Violet -- and Violet still won’t have sex with him. Violet promised Jason that she’d make him work for it, but Jason didn’t expect how hard it would be. Building her a special room in his basement, Violet lets him perform sexual acts on her -- but does not reciprocate.

9. The Bon Temps Mayor Has A Plan

Bon Temps has a new mayor -- Sam Merlotte! After Terry died, Sam sold Merlotte’s bar to Arlene, and it’s now called Bellefleur’s Bar and Grill.

Teaming up with Bill Compton, Sam and the new author came up with a plan to protect Bon Temps in a time when small towns are being attacked by vampires with Hep V. Testing everyone’s blood in town to see if they are carriers of Hep V, Sam proposes a plan:

Healthy vampires in town will protect a family -- in exchange for safe blood in a monogamous feeding relationship.

Needless to say, not all the people of Bon Temps are happy with the suggestion. However, they are all willing to think about it over free food at Bellefleur’s Bar and Grill.

10. Jessica’s Guilt

Jessica’s guilt over killing Andy’s children is still strongly affecting her. Realizing that he’s not at Bellefleur’s with Adelynn, Jessica heads to his house to apologize and offer her protection. Andy’s upset, telling her that she won’t get any more of his daughter’s blood, but Jessica tells him that all she wants is to protect them. Andy says he doesn’t want her help, but Jessica says she’ll give it anyway.

11. Lettie Mae’s And Tara’s Reunion

Tara and her mom did not have a good relationship before she became a vampire -- and turning into one certainly didn’t help, either. Lettie Mae is now married to the church reverend and wants to make amends, though.

Pulling Tara aside at Bellefleur’s, Lettie Mae acknowledges that she was a bad mother and forgot to feed Tara as a child. But now she wants to help. Lettie Mae offers Tara her blood and Tara feeds -- but did Lettie Mae test negative for Hep V?

12. Bill Wants Back In Sookie’s Life

Although Alcide and Sookie both test negative for Hep V, neither is interested in teaming up with a vampire for protection. Leaving Bellefleur’s, they are stopped by Bill, who wants to protect Sookie in ways that Alcide can’t. Needless to say, Alcide is not happy with Bill’s offer, but Bill tells the werewolf, “You can growl all you want, bright eyes.”

Sookie tells Bill that she can never trust him, but their discussion is cut short when both Bill and Alcide smell a very large pack of rabid vampires heading toward the party at Bellefleur’s.

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