“True Blood” returns to HBO on Sunday, June 16 for its drama-packed sixth season. With rumors of vampire casualties and new threats, the latest spoiler for the season comes in the form of a religious blonde.

Fans will remember Anna Camp’s spunky blonde character, Sarah Newlin, from season two. Sarah was introduced as the wife of Fellowship Of The Sun Church leader, Steve Newlin. The pair spent time building up an army to fight vampires and recruited Jason Stackhouse. Although Sarah and Steve’s relationship initially appeared to be strong, their marriage began to crack when Steve started to focus more on destroying vampires. Sarah ended up having an affair with Jason but ended things when she found out that Sookie was Jason’s sister.

Since season two, Camp’s character has only been spotted on screen once during a televised debate about the Vampire Rights Amendment; however, that will all change in season six when she makes her big return to “True Blood.”

After Steve found out about her affair with Jason, the two tried to keep appearances up on TV but ended up failing. In season three, it was revealed that Steve was divorcing Sarah and under scrutiny by the IRS. The big game changer for the Newlins came in season five, when it was revealed that Steve was a gay vampire (and wanted Jason for himself). Steve ended up striking up a relationship with freshly single Russell Edgington, and the pair went on a pretty gruesome killing spree at a frat house.  

With Edgington now permanently dead (thanks Eric!), Steve will be getting a visit from his ex-wife … and it doesn’t sound like it will be a friendly exchange. “She still believes that God hates fangs,” TVGuide.com teases. “But she redoubled her efforts, which will spell bad news for her reunion with former hubby (and current vamp) Steve.”

So, what could these redoubled efforts be? TVGuide.com hints that she could be involved with a “frighteningly powerful new weapon that the police has devised to combat vampires.” Goodbye wooden bullets!   

One theory is that Sarah could be teaming up with new “True Blood” character, Louisiana Governor Truman Burrell. Viewers will meet Burrell in the season six premiere. According to reports, he has a vendetta against vampires ever since his wife left him for one. Episode one will have him declaring “open season on vampires.”

You can catch Anna Camp’s return to “True Blood” in episode three. Are you excited to see Sarah Newlin in season six? Let us know in the comments section.