Episode seven of “True Blood” set the HBO series up for the remaining three episodes of season six. Nora died, Alcide was revealed to be a liar to his pack, Bill figured out how to save the vampires at the camp, Jason was thrown into a vampire pit by Sarah Newlin and Sookie was tasked with handing over Warlow … or having the blood of innocent (and non-innocent) folks on her hands.

On Sunday, Aug. 4, episode eight will have all the drama building up come to a head. The trailer for “Dead Meat” has been posted online, and it appears that everyone will be facing some danger in the upcoming episode.

Sookie’s Situation

On Sunday Bill asked Sookie to hand over Warlow or they will both have blood on their hands. In episode eight Sookie will return to the faerie land where she left Warlow and tell him about the situation occurring in the human world. “If I do this I want you to be mine forever,” he tells her before agreeing to return. “Is that an ultimatum?” she questions him.

Distraught Eric

Having just lost his sister to Hep V, Eric is in rare form. “You were supposed to come back with Warlow,” an angry, yet upset Eric yells at Bill. “Sookie has him,” Bill tells him calmly. But that only riles Eric even more. “The almighty prophet didn’t want to pick a fight with his precious Sookie?” he asks in a menacing tone.  

Arlene’s Discovery

In episode seven, Lafayette and Sookie discovered that Terry took out a large life insurance policy just three days before his death. The preview for “Dead Meat” makes it seem as if Arlene finally found it … and she’s crazy with grief. “He had himself killed, Andy,” she yells at Terry’s cousin.

Jason’s New Job

With Truman Burrell gone, Sarah Newlin is calling the shots -- and Jason should have treated her better. Getting thrown into female general population, the vampires quickly surround him, but while Tara initially defends him, it appears that Alpha vamp Violet will be taking a hold of him. “I’m going to feed off you as I see fit and as often as I like,” Violet warns Jason.

The Pack Revolts

Alcide lied to his pack and they are NOT happy. With Nicole and her mother in Rikki’s clutches, the werewolf wastes no time in picking up where they left off -- brutally attacking them.

Feeding Frenzy

A select few vampires at the camp are aware that the TruBlood they are being given has been laced with Hep V. Sarah Newlin catches on that some are not drinking the poisoned synthetic blood and sends them off to the circular white room from Bill’s vision. “If anyone else doesn’t want to drink they can join this little party,” Sarah threatens.  

Although Bill somehow manages to weasel his way into the faerie world (perhaps from drinking Warlow’s blood), Jessica warns everyone in the room that, “We’re all going to meet the sun in here.”

Episode eight of “True Blood” airs at 9 p.m. on HBO on Sunday, Aug. 4. Click HERE to read a synopsis for the episode, and watch the trailer for “Dead Meat” below: